Sunday, April 30, 2006

We Always Hang in a Buffalo Stance

Amy tagged for a 10 Simple Pleasures Meme. So, here you go....

1. Going to the Farmers' Market on the weekends.

2. Evidence on my shoe that spring is here.

3. Griffin's devil faces.

4. Blooming lilly of the valley. They smell heavenly.

5. Lots of lilly of the valley flowers in a bud vase for my aunt (who had a mastectomy Friday and came out of the surgery fine).

6. Smashing garlic.

7. Darwin leaving his foot binding on (bad allergies + baby who scratches a lot = really yucky, torn-up feet).

8. Drinking real lemonade.

9. Fresh-from-the-store fabrics.

10. Woolloomooloo chocolate bar (usually I'm a dark chocolate person, but this bar rocks).

And I guess I'm suppose to tag ten people (that's a lot, yo), but if you don't want to participate that's okay too... Alicia, Marsha, Tasha, Lla, Kim, Jenijen, Lindiepindie, Manda, Cheryl and Dawn.

Wow. And that's not even all the blogging friends I've made. Now that is something to be thankful for.


lindiepindie said...

Aaaaaa! I've been tagged! It'll take me a few days to top all those great pictures. The flowers are so pretty.

Thanks for sharing!

julie said...

I love Crocs! I have some in red!!!

Mia said...

Don't ya just love wearing Crocs?? What did we ever do without them??????? Oh.. just saw Julie's post.. mine are blue.. but I'm thinkin' about a purple pair :-)

Anonymous said...

Great list WITH photos. Show off.
What good news about your aunt too!
Your flowers are lovely and the boys cute (even with devil faces and poor wittle feet). Hand over the chocolate lady and no one will get hurt? k?

lera said...

I love Griffin's devil face.

I, too, LOVE lily of the valleys (but I can't seem to get them to grow!!!!) and I enjoy dark chocolate more -- I just ate a piece.

Great list.

Anonymous said...

That really is a devil face! Wow.
I think I will be saying Wooloomooloo for the rest of the day, and I've never even had one of those.

Joanna said...

I enjoyed reading your ten. I need to go make me some real lemonade now.

Anonymous said...

I like this one ~ I will do it! Thanks for tagging me. :-) that chocolate looks delish...and I am a total fresh lemoade person...

Anonymous said...

if i can get on typepad today i'll put out for you!