Friday, April 28, 2006

Oops, I Did it Again

More Randomness! Randomny goodness! You know you like it!
This morning I woke up to storm clouds. Supposedly it's gonna rain all day today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Obviously, Mother Nature knows how to fuck up all my and Aaron's plans to get some Serious Gardening done over the weekend.
I went and got the boys out of their room and Griffin was crying because he saw storm clouds. He's upset because he wants to play with his rocket (he made it at art class) with his space alien (which is a sandbox toy, and I do not let outdoor toys come inside nor to I let inside toys go outside) and the rain is, "ruining my plans for the day!"

Dude, I know the feeling.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the new title holder of The Most Fucked Up Goggle Search to Find Me: accident OR pee OR urine OR wet OR bladder OR soaked OR sodden OR burst OR bursting OR desperate OR exploded OR peeing OR puddle "peed his"

Let's give this winner a round of applause!
To all those people who have given me compliments for having a green thumb, thank you.

But I couldn't hear you over my laughter.
I weeded the yard for four hours yesterday and barely made a dent (yes, I'm feeling the four! hours! of! work! in! my! thighs!). After cleaning out the bed around the porch of all the onion grass, I cleaned out around the peonies and then started tackling the island...

I think I got about one fourth of the weeding done. Damn, it's gonna take forever.

I'm going to plant two different seeds (oh Goddess, please let them work as I can only afford seeds and not flats of beautiful annuals) around the tulips so we'll have more to look at than just decaying leaves through the summer.

On the trellis I have two types of honeysuckle growing. One is a beautiful pink honeysuckle that smells lovely...

The other is a variegated leaf honeysuckle that is suppose to have white flowers but has not flowered in the five years it has been growing. Stupid fucker.

But the pink one makes up for it, yes?

In the triangle (I "label" all the areas of the yard -- the triangle is on the west side of the back porch), the alliums are beginning to bloom...

... and the rose bushes are starting to consider it as well...

Meet my new addiction...

water. This stuff is seriously addicting. And the only ingredients are purified water and mint (but it doesn't say if it is organic, but it is kosher -- which really, shouldn't be that difficult anyway as the packaging plant should have neither meat nor dairy because hello it's water).

For once, a new addiction is a good thing. I should be drinking more water.
I managed to do a little thrifting yesterday. I got the boys some books (we love books in this house, and getting seven books for under five bucks rocks) and some little glass jars I hope to use as bud vases. I'll take photos soon...


Anonymous said...

Stop it! I have a sore throat and it hurts to laugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know- This. rain. sucks. I mean, I know we need it, but they're saying 5 inches in one weekend. Now, really, we don't need that.

I'm sure Jack's soccer game will be cancelled in the morning, and I could have really used a good laugh this week.

Anonymous said...

You yard looks huge! You have a lot of stuff growing so I do think you have some kind of green thumb. That honeysuckle is really beautiful.
Minty water? er uh? sure. why the heck not. Sorry about the rain. We had it last weekend.

Emy said...

We have rain too. Its weird because it normally just doesn't rain here besides winter.
Thanks for the comment on my blog. My son is only 2 and loves rockets. His room has a lot of rockets and robots. It was pretty easy to make. I just made some squares and cylinders out of felt and attached them.
Your flower pictures are really pretty. I'll be glad to get back outside in my garden soon. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - that stupid muscle I pulled in my stomach from sneezing is not happy with you cracking me up. Mint water...sounds yummy. Or a wee bit like drinking watered down listerine. LOL.

Anonymous said...

That does sounds good. I've got some mint in my backyard -- maybe I'll muddle some and throw some in water and see how that is? Could also buy a bottle of that stuff you recommended.

Hey, the weeds will be bigger and easier to pull out after the rain :-)

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

I am so impressed by your weeding.
I have so many weeds.. You can no longer tell I had a garden under there.
Tomorrow I will weed in solidarity.

I feel for the rain issues. Our whole last month was atrocious with rain.

LLA said...

more randomny goodness - you know I love it!

I also love your Griffinisms - he's quite expressive, and has quite the turn of phrase...

And we all bow down before you "MFUGStFM" - we're not worthy.
(and who searches for that???)

Hope the weekend ended well....

Anonymous said...

I love randomy goodness, which is good because my life is EXTREMELY random. I love that Google search, and I want to know what drove someone to type that in! (Probably nothing worse than what we've already been through....)