Friday, December 07, 2012

pacing around in the moonlight

hello. how are you? no time, no see.

the past few weeks have been gloriously busy. aaron's parents came for thanksgiving, the boys had both! sets! of! grandparents! there! two grandmas and two grandpas in the same room, emerson's mind was significantly blown.

the holiday decorating has been slow coming, as mister short stuff is in full "terrible twos" mode. no tree. (eh, more on that on another day.) so we're getting creative.

i've been working on on clearing out the basement for the past few weeks. side note: it's not wise to clear clutter out during the holidays, as you do not want to buy anything. nothing.

i've been taking bags of trash, boxes of recycling to the curb. bags and bags and bags of items for friends and family. another pile for donations. i don't want to bring anything into the house now (and i'm only about a third of the way done), bah  humbug.

while digging my way out of my basement, i stumped upon the potty.

emery has been enamored with removing the pants at. all. times.

yesterday he was so mad at me whole foods, the shoes went flying, then the socks. next, shirt. then he started tugging at the britches.

so i thought, maybe, i should clean and bring that potty up.

of course, he loves it.

but um. yeah. not using it for intended purposes. sigh.

he's all over sitting on it. but... hmm.. not taking care to use it properly.

plus, he still doesn't talk. (nor is he yet sleeping through the night.) (thanks a lot eosinophilic esophagitis, you bastard.) so beyond screaming and pointing his little finger in my face and telling me "NEEE-OOOO" he's really not communicating well.

what the hell am i talking about? he says "no" fantastically.