Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Youthful Magic Moments

I never intended to have a medical blog. Or a blog so medically-heavy. But whatever. My blog. My life. My boobs that I seriously contemplated cutting off.

Um, what?

OH YEAH, YOU HEARD ME. Cutting off my boobs seemed (heh, still seems) like a good idea.

'Cause I got Mastitis again. 'Causes someone bit the holy hell out of me and made me bleed, bleed, bleed multiple times despite workin' on weaning.

So, yes. Fever over 104 for two days. Dizziness. Big red streaks across my boob (B is for boobie, which is no longer good enough for E! Oh, boobie, boobie, boobie starts with B) and to gild the lily, non-gluten-free medicine taken for 24 hours.

'Cause you know, the Mastitis alone was simply not good enough.

Six days later and I've been fever-free for less than 24 hours but oh-so-much-better. Aaron went back to work today. I was able to carry the baby without fear of dropping him. Life is good.

In all honestly, I don't remember too much. I've been told that crazy-ass fever will do that to the brain. But my nerd-self can't help but wonder what else am I forgetting? Quantum mechanics? String theory? How to make a damn good gluten-free chocolate chip cookie?

One thing is for certain: Emerson is weaned. No more boobies for you!