Monday, June 18, 2012

There Are Certain Things That Should Be Left

It's taken half a year, but I'm finally released. 

Released from doctors, surgeries, procedures, lab tests, emergency room visits. Sadly, these are all the memories I have this year. When did my irises bloom? I haven't a thought, but I've met a lot of excellent nurses who can put an IV in my armpit like no one's business.

The surgery to correct my sphincter of oddi in March fixed me enough so that I could eat, but not enough to be out of constant pain. The doctors explained it was my pancreas (that they should have, but were unable to, put a stint in during the procedure) and thought we should wait until September to revisit it. Aaron insisted they handle it immediately, and thank goodness.

In late May I had another procedure, supposedly 30 minutes to put a small stint in my pancreatic duct, which turned into a four hour surgery to reroute and correct pancreas divisum that was so severe, the doctors seriously doubt the scar tissue on my pancreas will ever heal.

So. There you go. If there's a 25% chance of something happening, it won't. But if there's a less than 1% chance, I'm your gal. 

Except for lottery tickets. RIDDLE ME THAT.

 So now, we're done. The stint had to be removed (because I wasn't in the 95% of people that just have the damn thing fall out naturally) and we're over two weeks out. I can start an exercise routine (I've been pushing the stroller around the block the past few evenings - my legs and shoulders hurt), I can go be out in the world and not worry about crazy stabbing kill me now pains (unless I'm gluten'd), and I can just go be.

Which is fucking fantastic.

So now I'm watering plants and children. Enjoying the sunshine. Trying to figure out what the hell happened to my garden. Not lying in bed all day.

I really can't describe how fucking fantastic it all is.