Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Bodies Going Num-Num-Num-Nu-Nu-Nu-Numb

Last weekend (yes, as in over a week ago) we celebrated my birthday.

Normally not writing about my birthday would be A Major No-No but this year I have decided, woe, I am old, so screw that.

Also? All my gifts were purchased at the hardware store.

My boys have class.

Oh. And Darwin did get me a highly inappropriate card (Oedipus complex much?) that Aaron didn't even catch on until I sat him down and explained it to him.

Lordy lou.

So, anyway. Yes. My birthday. Then the next day, all hell broke loose.

"All hell" in this instance being some hybrid of the flu and head colds and stomach viruses and acidic drippy noses and AREN'T YOU GLAD I'M NOT WRITING ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY?

Let's do this another way...

Family: sick

Griffin home from school for four days.

Baby ran fever, got snotty and broke out in a rash.

Aaron got sick.

I got sick.

Darwin has a perpetual drippy nose.

Emery and I spent four hours at urgent care yesterday.

Big snow and ice storm coming.

Typical January.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Principals, No Student Teachers

The boys are still in jammies. Why? 'Cause we had another snow day today. Two last week. And? We just got a call that our trash service isn't running for the rest of the week, maybe next week.

Kansas? Mother Nature? You can stop now. Please.

In other news. Ever try to take a picture of a happy baby without a flash?

I'm sorry. That's just pure awesome.

And when he gets tired of the clickity-click-click-click?

Emery is not amused. Nor is Kylie. But more because that little human stole a lot of her attention. Bitter much, puppy?

And yes, I did make him that bib. He's such a drool-y, puke-y, gnawing-y baby he has to wear bibs at all times. We average four a day. And guess what? I despise bibs with velcro. Can't stand them, they chew up whatever they are washed with. Which means they get washed alone.

So, yes. I made Emerson a bib with a snap. Because snaps rock!

And yes, snaps do rock! But you know what else? It took me over an hour to make a stinkin' bib. All those carefully (or, ahem, not-carefully-enough) curves take for. ev. er. to mange. And I have a quilt to work on.

I am unofficially (and I mean, very unofficially) participating in the postage-stamp quilt along. Of course, it just added to my pain when I was told by the old biddies at the local quilt shop that a two-inch-square quilt is not a postage stamp quilt. It has to be one-inch or less.

It's hard not to tell old biddies to shove it.

In any case, I have three sets of strips together (after I spent over an hour getting reacquainted with my seam ripper). Fifteen more sets to go.

So maybe, maybe? I'll have this quilt top completed by May. Maybe.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Gon Light it Up Like it's Dyn-O-Mite

We're on our second snow day here.

The chatter of three kids is amazing.

They are vocal little buggers.

The two big boys just came in from the snow. The babe is upstairs talking to his mobile. I'm drinking hot tea and eating a brownie. Don't tell.

I did something a wee bit crazy on Sunday. I decided to make a postage stamp quilt. Crazy, I tell you, simply crazy. I expect my fabric in the mail any day and I fully anticipate driving you all crazy with it as well.

You are welcome.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hard to be Soft, Tough to be Tender

Confession: none of our Christmas decorations are put away.

It's driving me crazy.

But, Griffin is sick and it's a full-time job just keeping him away from Emerson. And keeping him away requires a lot of dude!'s and honestly, I fully expect to pull my hair out 'cause Griff can't remember anything (including properly English, as he just asked, "Dad where be at all day?") and I'm starting to feel like a valley girl 'cause you know once I add too many dudes! to my vocabulary like and totally are gonna start following it up quickly.

Dear Universe: I would super-appreciate it if everyone in my home was healthy. And if they could please structure their sentences in a proper form, that would be a nice shiny, sparkle-y bonus.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

I'm the first person to admit I like things shiny and new. New years are no exception.

Usually, I'm happy to see a year go: I like the promise of a fresh start and the (happily) unexpected. But 2010 was a fantastic year to us, and I am a wee bit sad to see it go.

In January, we found out we were having a surprise! baby.

In February, Griffin turned eight.

In March, Aaron (who's from Michigan, 'cause you know no native Kansan is this crazy) and Darwin built the most gigantic snowman.

In April, we spent an obscene amount of money and had two dead trees removed. (Two days later, a huge wind storm would have surely made one of them crash into the house.)

In May, the boys gardened while I was on bedrest. (Notice how I'm not talking about the crazy-awful pregnancy.)

In June, Darwin turned six. Six!

In July, I was tortured by something horrifically frightening in our garage.

In August, I completed my first quilt...

... and days later we welcomed Emerson.

In September a water-main broke, which is located under our driveway.

In October, we visited the pumpkin patch (hands down, my most favorite day of the year).

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving (and was extremely grateful to have Aaron home since being gone since Halloween).

In December, we went to Michigan and relished our Daddy time as he was hardly home this month.

January is already full of big excitement and plans - Aaron's already booked out for the month (but some of it will be home!), I received a rockin' promotion with my company, Griffin and Darwin continue to stump us with their intelligence and humor, and Emerson squeals. No, I mean, squeals!

Happy new year! May this be the best one yet!