Saturday, January 01, 2011

For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear

I'm the first person to admit I like things shiny and new. New years are no exception.

Usually, I'm happy to see a year go: I like the promise of a fresh start and the (happily) unexpected. But 2010 was a fantastic year to us, and I am a wee bit sad to see it go.

In January, we found out we were having a surprise! baby.

In February, Griffin turned eight.

In March, Aaron (who's from Michigan, 'cause you know no native Kansan is this crazy) and Darwin built the most gigantic snowman.

In April, we spent an obscene amount of money and had two dead trees removed. (Two days later, a huge wind storm would have surely made one of them crash into the house.)

In May, the boys gardened while I was on bedrest. (Notice how I'm not talking about the crazy-awful pregnancy.)

In June, Darwin turned six. Six!

In July, I was tortured by something horrifically frightening in our garage.

In August, I completed my first quilt...

... and days later we welcomed Emerson.

In September a water-main broke, which is located under our driveway.

In October, we visited the pumpkin patch (hands down, my most favorite day of the year).

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving (and was extremely grateful to have Aaron home since being gone since Halloween).

In December, we went to Michigan and relished our Daddy time as he was hardly home this month.

January is already full of big excitement and plans - Aaron's already booked out for the month (but some of it will be home!), I received a rockin' promotion with my company, Griffin and Darwin continue to stump us with their intelligence and humor, and Emerson squeals. No, I mean, squeals!

Happy new year! May this be the best one yet!


Rachel said...

When I opened your blog and saw that ultrasound picture, I thought you were announcing that you were having ANOTHER baby. Almost had a heart attack. Happy New Year!

Sarah Jackson said...

Happy new year! It's gonna be a good one. I can feel it.

lori said...

xo my friend, and happy new year!

Chickenbells said...

What a wonderful post! I hope you have a fantastic 2011 (and all those boys in your life do too!)

Unknown said...

happy new year!!

(I thought you were have another one too... you crazy gal!)

Kristi said...

happy new year! Hope to see you soon.

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

Here's to a wonderful 2011!!

Anonymous said...

Have you try to get your baby tested for gluten intolerable? Friend of my had same problem with her child.

laura capello said...

I myself am gluten-free & soy-free and have been for five years, so he's not getting exposed to those through my breast milk.

We got the baby GI in February so hopefully we'll get some ideas of what else could be the culprit.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

An eventful year , all in all !
Is Emerson maybe just destined to be the life and soul of every social gathering ?
Happy New Year !

beki said...

Happy New Year Laura!

kristin said...

i KNEW i saw a giant snowman somewhere....and it's even better than i remember. awesome.