Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just Think What Tomorrow Will Do

Presents were wrapped, cookies were baked and clean laundry was chucked in the playroom to be dealt with on another day.

After the last few months, the holiday was frazzled. But that's what holidays are suppose to be, right? Frazzling?

[Just nod your head in agreement, mkay?]

The last week of December is my favorite, it's finally an opportunity to relax. Time to play with stuff, to hang out as a family and put some damn laundry away.

Seriously. It took me five damn days but now all our clean laundry is put away. Not a single laundry basket is in use.

Just don't ask that situation in a few hours.

So now we're lego'ing, reading, not watching the clock, eating leftover cookies and one person in particular is teething.



Fran Hill said...

Chewing on a bit of Lego is good for teething.

Kristi said...

I'm jealous...still fighting my own pile of laundry here!