Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'll Do Anything That You Want Me To

Nope. Baby's not any better. Two showers daily is my minimum and I still smell like vomit.

Happy holidays!

Coming home from Michigan, Emerson stopped pooping right. And did you know? That day after we got home Aaron went out of town again. Which means he was home the weekend of Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, 36-ish hours one week and with the family for his sister's wedding in Michigan. That's it.

So four days after we got home I took Emerson to the doctor 'cause he was pissy. And I mean piss-say. And he's not a pissy baby.

Before we left he had... you know. "Done his business" and his "business" looked like shredded tree bark. The doctor ordered x-rays, said he had some bits of constipation, gas and fluids and should be better in a few days.

A few days later she called and ordered us to the hospital for emergency x-rays (have I mentioned Aaron was out of town?) after a radiologist looked at his first batch. Nothing worse, but nothing too much better. So I volunteered to eat a dairy-free diet to see if that helped.

I've been on this dairy-free diet (which I know I'm doing right 'cause Griffin and Darwin have been diary-free FOREVER) for 10 days and now I'm getting sick (I'll save you the details, but yes! my digestive tract!), Emerson's kinda doing better with his digestive tract but not significantly better (hello, more shredded tree bark lookin' stuff and pissy baby today!) and did you know? Christmas Eve is tomorrow, Aaron just got home Sunday and I have so many godddamn hormones running in my bloodstream, all I want to do is cry BUT I CAN'T CRY 'CAUSE I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO.

But all my babies are alive. And healthy. (-ish)

So we're having store-bought cupcakes for holiday desserts. I'm only making two types of cookies (which, let's face it, it may get cut down to one), some presents are gonna be grouped together for less wrapping and I'm gonna do my best to stop freaking the fuck out and try to relax until we see the pediatric gastrologist in February.


Sarah Jackson said...

oh honey. I wish I lived down the street (or we lived down the street from each other in, say, Portland) so I could hold that baby and play with your boys and give you a break. xoxo.

annie said...

Oh, forget the cookies altogether. Put the presents, unwrapped behind a chair or the sofa or in a closet and then tie a ribbon from the presents leading to the tree and attach a tag with the kiddo's name. Take care of yourself, and think of that airplane oxygen mask analogy.

Will send some Christmas vibes your way

LJ said...

Big big hugs!! I know all too well the stress that involves a baby that doesn't behave like a well-happy baby should. More hugs!! Even if this Christmas doesn't pan out to your expectations, there's always next year.
Merry Christmas!!

Gina Perry said...

I'd be unhappy to pass shredded tree bark too - poor E, poor everyone. Hold on mama, I hope you find some peace for that little guy's digestive tract soon. And it feels wrong to say it, but I will anyway. Merry Christmas? :(

Min said...

You are doing an amazing job - I'm so stressed hearing about it I feel like crying.

I put all our kids pressies in a big sack - so much easier and less boring to open them all too. And any cookies sound good .

Hope the new year brings calm and health to you all.

angelina said...

all your babies are so damn good looking too.

I'm so sorry he's still not doing great and that you have to do without the cheese.

I know the main thing is that the baby is healthy but,man, I'm really sorry about the dairy!