Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And Sway to the Rhythm of Love

We snuck out of town.

Well, with a family of five and outrageous food allergies, I'm not quite certain how much sneaking was involved exactly, but we roadtrip'd for two days to Michigan.

It's a long drive. Longer when a nursing babe is involved.

But totally worth it, because we got to attend Aaron's sister's wedding.

We love Mandy ("Hot Mandy" as the boys like to call her, instead of "Aunt Mandy") and Ryan's awesome too. We're so very happy for them.

Next month Mandy leaves for Basic Training and Ryan follows a couple of months later. When these kids decided to jump into life, they jumped high. We're proud. Scared. Worried. Hopeful. And optimistic.

Out gift to them was their guest book, but not any guest book. I ran around with my Instax and took photos of the families who attended. I adhered them to 8x8 pages I had cut to fit and match the album and then had the families sign the paper.

Initially people thought I was crazy. But once I got a few examples (and some booze into the attendants) everyone got involved and excited. It was definitely a fun, hectic process - but so totally worth it.

We're home, safe and sound. And ready to get the holidays (including our Lego advent calendars) underway.

I guess I'll catch my breathe in the new year.


Michelle said...

We did a polaroid guest book for our wedding and to this day we still laugh at the pictures and sentiments people shared. We rand out of film people were having so much fun they just drew in pictures of themselves. It's a great keepsake and a lovely gift idea, I am sure they loved it.

Fran Hill said...

If I was getting married again I would invite you so you could come and do this for me. Nice idea. I bet they love you.

Keyona said...

Are they going Air Force? Army?

grace said...

I've been wondering about the wedding! How did the dress and shoes work out?

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

awesome guest book! That will definitely be a treasure.

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