Monday, December 13, 2010

Won't You Show Some Class

We have a long-standing tradition to buy Lego Advent Calendars during the holiday season. We started doing them when we were dating and... yeah. It's taken on a life of its own.

One would tend to think that the Debacle of 2005 would be the pinnacle of What the frack is Lego thinking? But, turns out, they've outdone themselves.

Outdone themselves in a very majestic way.

I present: Naked Old Man Lego

Don't look at me. I didn't go there. Lego did. I'm just reporting like a good samaritan.

Because, you know, nothing says Happy Holidays! like an old man with an elf fetish wearing a black thong about to get his groove on.

See? He's even brushing his beard for sexy times.

Now, I would like to give Lego the benefit of the doubt here with the notion that maybe, just possibly the intention was for him to be a member of the Polar Bear Club... but maybe swim trunks? And um... a dolphin? You know, something that doesn't have a parent have to explain NAKED LEGO MAN in the advent calendar.

And the bigger questions in our house: WHAT'S A THONG? and IS HIS PENIS REALLY THAT BIG?


Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

Oh. NO.

Ali said...

I worried this year, as I gave up on the suddenly-hiked-in-price Lego calendar, that we would miss moments like these. Luckily I have you!

Is it weird that the thing I find most worrying is his wielding of that hairbrush?

Miga said...

Yay! The Lego Advent calendar! I'm so glad you're doing it again this year. At our house, the boys always manage to find a way to bring all conversations back to the penis.

Vintage Tea Time said...

One of our grandsons has a Lego Advent clender - I shall look out for that kinky fella next time I'm visiting grandson!! (maybe not in the English version - we're a bit shy over here you know, ha, ha..)

Theresa said...

Oh this is just too funny. I can't wait to get home to see if we got him in our calendar.....I haven't been paying attention.....clearly!

Things Hand Made said...

We dont get the lego calende,too expensive but I would go a long way to see a "physique" like that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. The universe is ok again.

It's been five years of this hasn't it? That's like--eons---in blog land. Man, we're getting old. Must be time to get my little black thong on.

mamafitz said...


we didn't get a lego advent calendar this year, couldn't find one. well, couldn't find one that wasn't sixty bucks. :(

kirsten said...

we opened that today.


Blog Staff said...

Gee, and by the size of his business enterprise, I always suspected that Santa was overcompensating for something. I stand corrected! ;)