Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hard to be Soft, Tough to be Tender

Confession: none of our Christmas decorations are put away.

It's driving me crazy.

But, Griffin is sick and it's a full-time job just keeping him away from Emerson. And keeping him away requires a lot of dude!'s and honestly, I fully expect to pull my hair out 'cause Griff can't remember anything (including properly English, as he just asked, "Dad where be at all day?") and I'm starting to feel like a valley girl 'cause you know once I add too many dudes! to my vocabulary like and totally are gonna start following it up quickly.

Dear Universe: I would super-appreciate it if everyone in my home was healthy. And if they could please structure their sentences in a proper form, that would be a nice shiny, sparkle-y bonus.


Unknown said...

... maybe he's turning into Yoda... who is by definition a very cool dude!!

urban craft said...

oh my gosh! our tree was gone Jan 1, and I couldn't have been more happier. Get better soon and hope the tree can disassemble itself and save your some work.