Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Bodies Going Num-Num-Num-Nu-Nu-Nu-Numb

Last weekend (yes, as in over a week ago) we celebrated my birthday.

Normally not writing about my birthday would be A Major No-No but this year I have decided, woe, I am old, so screw that.

Also? All my gifts were purchased at the hardware store.

My boys have class.

Oh. And Darwin did get me a highly inappropriate card (Oedipus complex much?) that Aaron didn't even catch on until I sat him down and explained it to him.

Lordy lou.

So, anyway. Yes. My birthday. Then the next day, all hell broke loose.

"All hell" in this instance being some hybrid of the flu and head colds and stomach viruses and acidic drippy noses and AREN'T YOU GLAD I'M NOT WRITING ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY?

Let's do this another way...

Family: sick

Griffin home from school for four days.

Baby ran fever, got snotty and broke out in a rash.

Aaron got sick.

I got sick.

Darwin has a perpetual drippy nose.

Emery and I spent four hours at urgent care yesterday.

Big snow and ice storm coming.

Typical January.


Unknown said...

have you ever thought about a nice family pilgrimage? some holy water?


Good luck, get well. SOON!

(and happy birthday)

amy h said...

I hear you, lady. We probably had the same cold/flu going around. It has really messed us up! Chris is the last straggler, but he is taking longer to get better because he managed to get food poisoning in the middle of it. My nose is all scabby. The baby keeps trying to pick the scabs off. So, yeah. :)

I hope you got awesome hardware store gifts.

heidi said...

happy effin birthday :)