Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Principals, No Student Teachers

The boys are still in jammies. Why? 'Cause we had another snow day today. Two last week. And? We just got a call that our trash service isn't running for the rest of the week, maybe next week.

Kansas? Mother Nature? You can stop now. Please.

In other news. Ever try to take a picture of a happy baby without a flash?

I'm sorry. That's just pure awesome.

And when he gets tired of the clickity-click-click-click?

Emery is not amused. Nor is Kylie. But more because that little human stole a lot of her attention. Bitter much, puppy?

And yes, I did make him that bib. He's such a drool-y, puke-y, gnawing-y baby he has to wear bibs at all times. We average four a day. And guess what? I despise bibs with velcro. Can't stand them, they chew up whatever they are washed with. Which means they get washed alone.

So, yes. I made Emerson a bib with a snap. Because snaps rock!

And yes, snaps do rock! But you know what else? It took me over an hour to make a stinkin' bib. All those carefully (or, ahem, not-carefully-enough) curves take for. ev. er. to mange. And I have a quilt to work on.

I am unofficially (and I mean, very unofficially) participating in the postage-stamp quilt along. Of course, it just added to my pain when I was told by the old biddies at the local quilt shop that a two-inch-square quilt is not a postage stamp quilt. It has to be one-inch or less.

It's hard not to tell old biddies to shove it.

In any case, I have three sets of strips together (after I spent over an hour getting reacquainted with my seam ripper). Fifteen more sets to go.

So maybe, maybe? I'll have this quilt top completed by May. Maybe.


Sarah Jackson said...

Love that bib so so much. I made 3 last week and I have 4 more cut out for Miss Messypants.

The seam ripper is my best friend. I'd better get to making my quilt if I'm going to get done first and show you up. :)

amy h said...

So, I don't know much about quilts. Do you cut up your stripes so you end up with squares of patchwork?

Emery sounds like E with the bibs. At least 4 a day. It was such a mess. And yes, snaps are far superior to velcro.

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

I am so tired of the biddies at yur quilt shop, and I don't even go there.

LJ said...

Here's hoping you do get it finished. Although you do have the perfect excuse for not finishing. I'd give up quilting for staring at babies and making bibs for him!

Tell those old biddies to go pound sand!

Fran Hill said...

Our kids were the same. The bib was a permanent fixture.

rachel johnson said...

Love the action photo! And I am impressed with your quilt even if the squares are larger than 1 inch. :)