Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gold Lion's Gonna Tell Me Where the Light Is

The most interesting thing about having this blog has GOT TO BE seeing how people find me.

And seriously, some of the shit people are googling is scary...

"inappropriate behavior young boy animals"
"13 girl inappropriate behavior with boys"
"sexual inappropriate behavior with animals"
"young boy inappropriate behavior hurting animals"

... seriously, instead of googling these, please go to your family doctor and discuss your concerns and get a referral for a specialist. THAT'S WHAT DOCTORS ARE FOR.

Other things people are googling...

"appropriate behavior for business trips" -- don't have a one night stand, wear clean clothes, be nice, show up to appointments on time and tip well.

"celiac disease behavior" -- Don't. Eat. Gluten. Educated yourself and know what gluten is, what additives and preservatives have gluten and the best ways to avoid them. Good for you for doing some research!

"Sensory Integration Disorder" -- Griffin has it (the "worst case" his Occupational Therapist has ever seen -- when we set out to do something in this family, we SUCCEED damn it). Let me know if you need more info.

"high-functioning autism behavior" -- see above.

"multiple allergies" -- Yeah. Chances are Darwin has Way More Allergies than you'll ever have. Hopefully you (or the person you are concerned about) will grow out of them at a pivotal age (when genetics turn on and off -- five years old and again during puberty). If you need more help, let me know. I am the Princess of Multiple Food Allergy Knowledge.

"one eyed cretin" -- Don't make fun of my baby. I'm the only one allowed to call him that. And I don't anymore because his third cyatic nerve regenerated.

"bat shit crazy behavior" -- I am their leader.

And to all the people that are googling song lyrics and finding me -- Rock On!


Anonymous said...

Let's hope those people that google that creepy young bouy stuff don't stay long.

Griffin, he's just an over-acheiver. :) He's a good boy.
Does an OT really have the authority to diagnose a disorder like that?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just wrote a comment and it ain't here. grrrr.

did you go an delete me? sheesh.

laura capello said...

Angela -- no, I would never delete a comment, especially from you!

Alicia -- yes, the OT has the authority to diagnose DSI; they want me to take him to a shrink to get officially diagnosed with Autism.

Anonymous said...

trying again:
That is some freaky shh...what the ? Those first few would have me scared! Y'all need to go get some help. But then again, thanks for making me look pretty good!
I love a funny post from you. So witty you are. I think I'll dump my husband and marry you now. How's Saturday for you? Oh boy. I'm really losing now.

diana said...

oh my gosh some of those google searches are scarey.... capello... you have the skill and
the life experiences to write several books ... someday.. in the mean time you can keep on writing to your blog friends.. we love your wit.

Anonymous said...

People are strange! But it does go to show you that you have pretty far-ranging influence, even if it's accidental. ;)

Anonymous said...

Heh. I just got a google search that said, "why am I getting gas from fruit?" Usually, my google searches are either too disgusting to repeat (email me and I'll tell you) or they have to do with getting melted plastic off the dishwasher element. mr clean magic eraser is up there, too. I think that just goes to show what a jet setter I really am.

Please don't hate me for my ipod. You HAVE to get one. Get a used one from the apple store like I did. You can get a shuffle for 49 bux. It's all happy all the time for me now. (not really. just drinking tonight. . .)

LLA said...

Not sure what is scarier: your seizure-y thing, or the bizarro google searches????

I get "do horizontal stripes make you look fat" and "hydroencephalitic baby" if that makes you feel even remotely better....

Hope you are feeling better - and don't let the perverts get you down!

Anonymous said...

Oh. my. God.

HOW are you seeing what people google??? How fun.

And scary.

Sometimes my dear, ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

I thought people found me through some odd google searches but yours have me beat! Yuk! There are some real freaks out there huh?