Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Clean-up, Clean-up, Everybody, Everywhere; Clean-up, Clean-up, Everybody Do Your Share

Yes, I'm still sick.

At least when I do something, I excel. I have a 103.1 fever. I totally rock.

So, I bring to you: Shit I should have shared, but haven't had the chance to share yet.


Can anyone say HAM?

How about CHEESE?


Some countries would consider this punishment. In our home, it's considered a privilege:

Griffin strapped himself into Darwin's table chair and refused to take it off.


Beki is so nice. She sent me fabric, just cuz.


I ordered this from Rachel's shop...

I heart me some garden gnomes.


This was printed in Whole Foods' free magazine...

I was so proud.


Pretty flowers in a pretty vase.


Tasha sent me this, just cuz.

Obviously, I have some awesome internet friends.


Despite being sick, Griffin and I played outside a little yesterday...

Why do kids like to draw through my artwork?


Did anyone read mommycoddle yesterday? She asked what people used to wash dishes. Along with a scotch brite heavy duty sponge, we use this...

Aaron's grandma makes them. I have no clue how she does it, but I can find out. Hell, maybe I can learn when we go to Michigan over the 4th of July.


Have I mentioned that Aaron is out of town ALL WEEK?


Okay, I'm gonna go take some more drugs now (sick drugs, not mind-altering drugs. I think the fever has that situation under control). Lucky me.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor mama. 103! Ugh. I hope you feel better soon!!! LMAO at "freeze the boat". LOL - I thought The Smiths Song in the 80's, "It's the bong that will bring us together." LOL. Better than the bomb!

Anonymous said...

I saw that article in the magazine from Whole Foods. I love it when the media quotes that factoid about more fountains than any city but Rome. Kansas City : Rome. I mean, I love KC, but COME ON. Feel Better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we're in the same boat. Georgie has been sick with a cold - gets better than gets Roseola. I hope your family gets well soon.

the shim family said...

I hope you feel better soon. Love the photos of the boys though, so cute!

laura capello said...

Dawn? Maybe that's the rash I've developed on my upper arm?

Alicia A. said...

I like the red on the wall in the entry room behind Griffin. Looks like a good red. Still working on that project?

You need to come over and see our hole in the wall!

diana said...

YOU played outside with a 103 fever ?? Oh yeah I forgot thats what moms of wee ones
do.....egaaaaads brings back memories...ok
now did you write the article for Whole Foods?
I am going to go tomorrow and get a copy.
Get better and tell hubby your blog friends say that he needs to spoil you when he gets home.

laura capello said...

Diana -- Oh, no. I did not write the article for Whole Foods. I'm just glad that KC is getting its act together and trying to become more egologically friendly.

Alicia -- Oh, hell to the yes. I have about half the room plastered. The excuse we are using right now is "we are making sure we have no more water leakes before we move forward, because we do not want to replace any walls after we've gone through all the work". Yeah, that's the excuse.

Remember that time you were over for a playdate and we had a waterfall in that room?

Tom said...

Honey, you need to feel better already. 103 sounds horrible.... And I think you should send Griffin to Britney Spears' house so he can show her how to use the straps on Cheeto's highchair....

jenB said...

thanks for all the shopping linkys! and i hope you feel better soon soon soon.

Anonymous said...

What a drag! But the kids look very cute and happy. I hope you're much better soon ... William keeps asking about Griffin (probably because he wants to show off his Big Owie!)

I took William out to play yesterday, too, despite my being sick. He liked it, but somehow it didn't make him any less grouchy.

Anonymous said...

hi!!! i've come out from my cave. i missed you. sorry you're still sick. darwin is a cutie! take care! think, "m.o.n.d.a.y!" if aaron doesn't come home on monday, pack-up the kids when you do think he'll be back and visit a friend for the night. freak him out when he comes home to an empty house! second thought, that's kind of mean, huh? i'd do it anyway, heehee. actually i have :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting about my store! I hope you love your new stationery!

Get better soon!


LLA said...

Sorry to hear that you feel like crud - here's something you might enjoy while you take your meds and recuperate (since it sounds like you're not going out in the sun fo rht enext 6 months!)