Monday, April 10, 2006

Lump Lingered Last in Line for Brains, and the Ones She Got Were Sort of Rotten and Insane

Move along. Nothing to see here.

No, really.

Unless you want me to talk about how my brain has been replaced by mucusy green sludge or how my nose can now be considered 360-grit sandpaper or how my body temperature is high enough to flash into hell fire at any moment, I suggest you move along.


Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better soon. hug-hug!

Ali said...

Poor you - good excuse for some self indulgence. Whisky and hot lemon brought to me in bed always hits the mark for me. Hope you beat the bug soon!

Anonymous said...

Not feelin' so well around here either. I hope it passes quickly for you. Try and take it easy.

diana said...


Anonymous said...

Here's a song for you, song queen:

Get well, get well soon.
We wish you to get well.
Get well, get well soon.
We wish you to get well.

Anonymous said...

get well soon!

Tom said...

Excellent use of the word "grit." I somehow learned that word and that it has to do with sandpaper not too long ago. Perhaps from your blog. I dunno. But I hope ya feel better, GF!!!

Alicia A. said...

Feel better quick.

My kids have the green goo too. So far, I'm ok, but I'm sure I'll get my turn. Zoe has it too. Damn that preschool. (She goes to MDO there.)

(btw, I'm very jealous that you have a male reader!! I'm pretty sure my only one is my dad.)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. If you have what we have (and you know, since I totally gave it to you, you do!) I know how wretched you feel. Hot soup and love to you.