Wednesday, April 26, 2006

All the Boys Think She's a Spy, She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

Alias is on tonight (7 p.m. Central) -- can you handle it? Can you? CAN YOU?

If you missed it last week, go read a recap. And if you like to know what's going to happen in the final episodes, go read spoilerfix.

I'm not obsessed. Pppfffttt. I don't know what you're talking about, really.
Apparently, Aaron's taking this cookbook thing very seriously.

He's demanding recipes. And? He thinks he gets to name them.

So last night for dinner, I made up a recipe for his proclaimed "Greens and Beans Soup"...

It came out rather well, but needed some starch (perhaps an Idaho potato). And if I starch it up a bit, it's going to need a little more seasoning as well.

But last night was the perfect night for soup -- it was cold and rainy out. And this was the perfect spring soup with spinach and mache wilted into it. Yum.
For all those people who don't have cable, here's what you're missing...

"Pants Off, Dance Off" on Fuse.

People ("normal" people) stripping to videos. I stayed up way too late watching in amaze/disgust. Seriously, this is what our society has reduced itself too?

I should have gone to bed instead.
Here's some more pictures of the buffet. And hopefully these help explain why I don't want to paint the inside...

It's not that I'm lazy (even though I totally am), but the inside is in good condition. The outside is just fugly with its high gloss-fakey finish and some seriously large scratches.

So perhaps sprinkling baking soda all over the innards and lightly sanding it will do the job to get the cigarette smell out?



It's about damn time. My favorite radio station is finally streaming online.
Yesterday at preschool Griffin had the opportunity to plant a turnip seed. Since he's getting his own garden, I figured he'd be all over it.

Turns out, I was wrong.

When I asked him why he chose to not to plant, he said he asked Miss Julie if the dirt and seed were certified organic and she said "no."

Shit, I'm raising an organic snob already.


Anonymous said...

1. That soup looks tasty! (minus the meat) ;-)
2. I am so disturbed over the dance off. What in the world is going on. Go get a real hobby you crazy naked dancin' fools! I'm further convinced to never get cable.
3. I would never even think of painting the inside of furniture. I am soooooo lazy and that would take way to long and it would chip off with every opening of a drawer. No way! I think the sanding will really get rid of most of the smell. The inside probably isn't that bad. You could always put some smell good saches (sp?) in the linens too. ?

Anonymous said...

Oh grossed out. Seriously. I can't decide which is worse-- naked dance off or cigarette scented linens.

Hmmm. Someone ought to introduce those people to the highly competitive world of craft blogging.Get 'em quilting instead of shaking those nasty booties. That'd get rid of all their extra extra time which they are obviously struggling to fill.

And hope that baking soda works. Eek.

The baking soda should work...

Anonymous said...

Okay that last bit about Griffin had me spitting my water all over... you go Griffin!!!

diana said...

The Griffin comment... too much !! Yup... I would say you are raising a snob... an informed one. That is some high level thinkin goin on !

You can get that cigarette smell out without painting..
You are right.. it is nice inside.

No comment on the dancing....

Ali said...

Noooo Griffin is too funny! I'm going to use that phrase whenever anyone asks me to do something I don't fancy.

Nice soup - can I come to your house for dinner?(But not TV).

Anonymous said...

I haven't read for a while and I am dazed by the randomness -- however, must comment on the yummy soup with greens. I just ate 2 poptarts for dinner. Seriously, I need to get a life. And kuddos on your organic snob.

I'm not going to say you can get that smell out. I'm really sensitive to cigarette smell and it is hard to get out. But I hope you can. Lemon juice & sunlight? Or is that stains?

LLA said...

go Griffin! That made my day.

Anonymous said...

i always thought it was, "all the boys think she's a spaz," and i could never figure out what that meant.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Okay.. Pants Off Dance Off is precisely why I don't have cable or an antenna. I simply could not be trusted to turn off that stuff. I can't have that stuff in the house.

Griffin was my first choice name for a son.. Never mind that we compromised and named our Jacob (it seem original-ish at the time).Your Griffin sounds like a hoot.

Finally NEVER paint the inside of furniture. the drawers and doors will NEVER work worth a damn again.

Baking soda and time will cure what ails it. Or Vinegar..

Anonymous said...

your soup looks so good.
oh my...pants off dance off...i'd probably stay up to watch it too, haha!
organic snob, too funny!
maybe just drag the whole thing outside and let it sit in plain air for a while. sun sounds like a good idea, too.

lindiepindie said...

That soup does look tasty. I'm wondering if Griffin wants to make sure all the ingredients are certified organic. :o)

Are you going to share the recipe? I love soup, but am bad at making it.

Anonymous said...

LMAO as usual. That soup looks YUMMY.I HEART soups! and about the "Pants Off, Dance Off" on Fuse - when you watch in horrid disgust but you just.can't.tear.yourself.away...we call that "irritainment."

Anonymous said...

See my other post - FEBREZE!