Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jump On Outta Bed and I Stumble to the Kitchen, Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition

Day five:Sigh.

I don't feel well. Just tired, exhausted. Want to sleep. It's zapping all the creativity out of me. Coffee isn't helping.

I came up with a reason why Lego did this, complete with a powdered substance being in one suitcase and money in the other. But I'm too exhausted. So use your imagination.



Anonymous said...

*honk snort*

Legos:the mortal enemy of moms everywhere. Not only building them - but picking the damn things up. and up. and oh look, here's another one under my couch cusion.

Anonymous said...

Without using my imagination (who has imagination when they are exhausted all the time), I think it is the evil marketing machine. After you get all the little artifacts of the drug trade... ahem! I mean air traffic business, then you have to buy the big bucks airport to go with it. YOU HAVE TO BUY IT otherwise you have just a mishmash of pieces that don't make sense... so BUY the pricey big airport!

Holy cow! I thought I was kidding then I did a Lego search:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about stepping on them barefoot in the dark ! Those little suckers are sharp.

Anonymous said...

it just gets weirder and weirder.
get some rest mama.
My childhood legos seem quite lame in comparison to this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. They just don't make 'em like they used to

Anonymous said...

You've been watching too much Miami Vice, my friend. I wonder if the next figure will come with a pastel suit, sock-less loafers and stubble.

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon and perk up!!

kirsten said...

your eyes are getting heavy...heeeeaaaaavy...sleeeep...
You obviously need more of it.

LLA said...

Sleep well, sweetiegirl!

(and thanks for the Dolly love in this post's title. I do so love me Dolly...)

Anonymous said...

um, yeah, what the hell? bloglines JUST updated you and it's ELEVEN PM IN THE FRIGGIN EVENING.


that lego(/aka roofing nails in a dark house) thing is hilarious.

you are so funny girlie.

hey, what happened to our playdate?

we are all well right now.

knock on wood.

let's. let's get together.