Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's Good Enough for Me, Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

How's your weekend going?

Because mine is going fabulous, thanks for askin'. I've got a feverish baby sleeping on me and another child trying to hack up a lung in the living room and my husband is at work. On a Saturday evening. Yeah. Great weekend. Thanks for asking.

(Actually, earlier today was great. I met up with Lori and her friend Michelle for the Lawrence Farmer's Market and then Michelle went shopping with me in old downtown. And then Aaron called needing to go to work. And the rest of the day has been fabulous. Did I mention that yet?)

So due to said fevered baby, there is not lego photo today. In part because You Don't Piss Off The Sleeping Baby, in part because I haven't even taken the stinkin' photo yet and there is no more sunlight and in part because the doctor is using the item for his sexual escapades, more on that later.

A week ago I was tagged by Momma Pajama for Christmas Song Meme and yes, it has taken me all week to come up with my five favorite Christmas holiday songs.

5. "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" performed by Jack Johnson
Why: Not only does Jack Johnson have a voice on an angel and a beautiful soul, Jack Johnson is hot. Yum. Yes, as a matter of fact, he is on my laminated list.

4. "The Chanukah Song" by Adam Sandler
Why: With One, Two, Three versions there are many, many reasons to put on your yamaka and be proud.

3. "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid
Why: Everyone needs a friendly reminder to get our priorities straight.

2. "Dreidel Song" performed by the characters of South Park
Why: Everyone should know the Dreidel Song. And because we know it so well, everyone at Griffin's Christian Preschool thinks we are Jewish.

1. "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth"
Why: It's only the Best Holiday Song Ever. Even though I still can't find my favorite version, you can enjoy the original by Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

I have also been tagged by Lera and Soo for the Magic of Four Meme:

Four Jobs I've Had:
Slip Master -- perhaps the Best Job Ever, I pour slip for ceramics, timed them, cleaned them up, did the sanding. It was fun but a lot of heavy lifting.
PBX Operator -- that's fancy pants for phone operator of a home improvement store. I had that job for eight years through high school and college and I was allowed to do homework between calls which was awesome (and part of the reason why I allowed them to schedule me 38 hour weeks too).
Account Coordinator -- while in college I worked for a non-profit; after I graduated with a Journalism degree I decided to still do the non-profit thing so I worked for a consulting company that was for-profit. I designed and wrote some appeals, but I mainly became in charge of the production department, overseeing lots of appeals and making sure all the details were correct. Lots and lots of details.
Blog Writer -- hey, I've got ads, so I'm getting paid, so it counts. Okay, this is the Best Job Ever.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
A Christmas Story
Strictly Ballroom
The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Four Places I've Lived:
Blue Springs, MO
Kansas City, MO
Lawrence, KS
Lenexa, KS
(wow, I really move around a lot)

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
Grey's Anatomy
Brothers & Sisters
The Class
The 4400

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:
Cancun, Mexico
Neuwied, Germany
Chicago, IL
Duff & Capello's Excellent Roadtrip -- all through the South. Oy. That's a story.

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
yahoo email
Perez Hilton (I'm so bad. Yes, I've seen Britney's girlie bits.)

Four Favorite Foods:
guacamole and yellow corn chips
baked beans and rice
dark chocolate

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
1. curled up on the couch watching a movie with Aaron and the boys be asleep
2. Greece
3. lounging on a warm beach with a fruity, alcoholic concoction in hand
4. walking through a large, large greenhouse oooohhhhing and aaaahhhhhing over the plants and getting some light therapy at the same time

Whew. That was a lot of information.


Me and Him said...

Wow two aussie movies. I am impressed. Have you seen Muriel's Wedding? I could watch that again and again. Hubby's not so impressed by it

futuregirl said...

I grew up around KC. I've lived in Lenexa, KCK, and Lawrence (and Olathe and Overland Park, and Gardner). I never lived in Blue Springs, but my Dad and Sister live there now.

Maybe you know them ... ha! :)

Anonymous said...

hope tomorrow's better! we have some sickies over here, too. ugh.

Soo said...

I agree, curling up on the couch watching tv sounds good.....hope the little one gets better soon!

LLA said...

You and I had the same day - sick tots and MIA husbands... (sigh)

Hope that everyone mends well - and I envy you the first part of your day, hanging out with friends at the Farmer's Market sounds fab...

(which is your favorite version of Two Front Teeth? I've got one by Alvin and the Chipmunks, and another by Sesame Street's "The Count" - if either of these are it, I'll share!)

Anonymous said...

nice. you went to the LFM without me? with lori? nice. thanks a lot.

and then you went to Sarah's, didn't you. just admit it. you did.

perezhilton is okay but pinkisthenewblog is where it at, baybay.

Anonymous said...

It's the curse of Mom having a good time... somebody's got to puke, poop or pee on you to make up for it.
I got away lucky, I only got cried at and a little bit of poo on me.:)

Hope the kids feel better soon.

Angelina said...

I hope the fever goes away soon. Poor kid. Poor kid of fevered child.

So how does that whole ad thing work out? Does it pay anything that makes it worth while?

I am not that surprised at the journalism degree, very cool.

I love knowing the details.

Anonymous said...

another sick babe? poor guy!

love your memes! thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

I hope your little one gets well soon. Sorry your weekend was not the best. Sending good thoughts

Anonymous said...

Sure missed the lego photo toady, but totally understand the how the sickies have invaded. Hope you are all better and celebrating a royal festivus again!


beki said...

Weekends with sick kiddos, fun times.

Your morning sounds fun. I'd love to do some shopping with a girlfriend.

Ohyeah, your movie choices - love them. I love, love, love The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. I literally peed in my pants the first time I saw that.

kirsten said...

There's Priscilla again! I tell you, baby, you're my girl!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the sick babes! Don't you go catching it now.

I wish Lawrence weren't so far... I guess it's not THAT far. And I guess it would be *really bad* if Sarah's were down the street.

Chickenbells said...

Rats...I hope said children feel better, and that father of theirs comes home, so you guys can watch a movie together...that sounds like heaven!! I missed the Dr. because I jetted out of town for a second this weekend...I wonder if the airport will have the drug dogs too? hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Oh thats just to much, poor you. Hope all is well by the time you read this.
SUzie Sews (UK)

Anonymous said...

Glad your morning went well, sorry about the rest of the day.
Good to read.
What's this about a naughty Doctor Lego? hmmmm.