Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sittin' Waitin' Wishin'

I am so ready for spring. Fresh air, parks, letting the kids run (and thus, sleeping better at night... maybe even a nap every so often?), and working in the garden.

My hands need to be in the dirt. It's good for me... and I have big plans this year, as this will be the first year I haven't been pregnant or nursing in over four years.

But, in the meantime while I anticipate, this will have to do...

And the smell is heavenly.


colorfool said...

Oh such a pretty sight! I have the worst luck growing this suckers. I am with you on the Spring thing. How many more weeks?

Anonymous said...

We're going to get our backyard going this summer....last summer front, this summer back....such a chore though...but a great one!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective