Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ahhhhh... Rescue Pack! Comin' to the Rescue!

I finally mailed out my mini-swap box today. It is headed to Indiana, and once it is received I'll post pictures of what I mailed them (and the family is going to Disney World, lucky luckies, so it might be a couple of weeks). I actually came up with a couple of good ideas, if I do say so myself.

Past that, my house is in total disarray. Griffin's birthday thank yous need to be done, February photos need to be snapfished, fabric needs to be ordered and I need to bang my head against the desk because OH MY GODDESS, I CAN NOT HANDLE IT ALL.

Obviously, some ouzo might also need to be drunk. Maybe THAT will help me have a post with some real content.

1 comment:

Marshamlow said...

Wish I were there to enjoy some ouzo with you.