Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everyone Knows I'm in Over My Head (Over My Head)

My head feels like its going to EXPLODE. EXPLODE.

We finally have an adequate cake and frosting recipe for Griffin's party this weekend. Unfortunately, adequate doesn't cut it for me; but I'm going to roll with it anyway and top the event off with crying in the bathroom. The flavor is good, but the texture of the cake is like cornbread and that's quite bothersome to me. Looks like I'm going to be perfecting the recipe for quite awhile (anyone want be a guinea pig for gluten free cake?).

I still have so much to do, including making tons of lists of everything that needs to be done. Perhaps the worst part is that I know a Whole Foods trip is going to be scheduled on Saturday, and unless I really trust Aaron I'm going to have to go there and fight the crowds. My head hurts. Seriously.

And I'm experiencing some MAJOR guilt -- I bought myself a little present (with cash, from my hoarded Christmas and birthday monies) yesterday, and I just feel weird about it. Granted, I got it 30% off, and people claim I'm totally gonna love it and use it all time, and I've been wanting one forever, but still? Guilty. Guilt-tay. And perhaps a BIG part of that guilt is that I'm so busy dealing Griffin's party, Griffin's blanket, Griffin's birthday and then Aaron's birthday that I have no foreseeable time in the future to scrapbook. And if I did? I had better be working on the damn entry room instead. My head hurts.

Okay, I'm going to go be productive now. Whining to the internet doesn't seem to be helping my head at all (in fact, its making worse because Aaron's gonna read about my present and go ballistic and use lots of "WOMAN"s on me) and the motrin isn't helping either. Argh.

Edited to add... Just got home from the chiropractor, and I'm already feeling better. Except he gave me a hug and now I have his scent on me (which, don't get me wrong -- he smells good) and now my brain is telling me dirty whore! dddddiiiiiiirrrrrttttyyyyyy wwwwhhhhhooooorrrreeeee because I now smell like another man. Gah.


Anonymous said...

Woman, don't listen to Aaron! You deserve that present. And one day, when things aren't so crazy, you will get a lot of use out of it. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you think I'll be mad if you spent your own money. I think it was a little spend-y, but that's your beez-ness. I'll just have to hear it if you're cash-poor down the line and want something else. If it was about half the cost, I might have actually wanted it myself, though I don't know what for.
Anyway, woo-hah for my first comment.

Anonymous said...

I love reading this. It makes me feel like we are still in the same city together and talking everyday.
I am going to have to call, because I am dying to find out what it is you bought that was so expensive. If it was me, it would have been a Coach purse, but that will never happen.
I miss you lots! Give the boys a hug.

Your Wisconsin Best Friend :)

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

Wisconsin friend ... click on the word "present" and you will be directed to what she bought. Woman ... you crack me up and I am so loving your blog. Keep it up, please! I am so jealous and wish I had the Internet at home so I could work on a blog in the wee hours or whenever the kids are all happy at once ... haha!