Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Friends Are Just as Screwy as Me

Happy Nerd Day!

Okay, it's not Nerd Day but it is Pi Day.

π = 3.14159

Today is March 14th. Get it? GET IT?!

And it is also Albert Einstein's birthday. You can't get more serendipitous than that.

And the Backyardigans are singing their love of pie on Nickelodeon right now. (Pie. Pi. Get it? GET IT?!)

Oh, my nerdiness is never ending. ::sigh::

In other fantastically nerdy news, I concluded yesterday that Griffin will have to be re-evaluated for his sensory issues and possibly be screened for autism. Fun, fun.

Yesterday was parent conference day at Griffin's preschool. Granted, his teachers love him and only had glowing things to say. But I could tell by what they were not saying that Griffin is still delayed beyond a point of "normalcy" (starting to really fucking hate that word) and with Griffin starting kindergarten in August he's going to have a lot of difficulty with the rigid time structure and what's expected at him.

Of course, growling at the other students doesn't help either.

So in order to get Griffin the best education possible, he needs a diagnosis before he starts school (and with an IEP if needed). Because the last thing I'm going to do is knowingly send him to school without any help.

Being a parent rocks!

(Meh. Notsomuch.)

Edited to add: Griffin was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder and "borderline" autism in the autumn of 2005, he needs re-evaluation before beginning kindergarten so he can have an IEP if needed. You can read more about our sensory adventures here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

And can I just say? Keeping this blog rocks. It's like a medial handbook for my family. Geesh.


Anonymous said...

So in 8 more years it will be a REALLY special pi day.

"If I have another piece of pie, I'll die.
If I don't have another piece of pie, I'll die.
So since it's decided I must die,
Why not have one more piece of pie?
Mmmm.. Ohhh... My....
-Shel Silverstien (but quoted from memory, so it may not be quite right.

Anonymous said...

(nerds of the blog - unite!)

IEP's aren't that bad - and if he is autistic he'll probably do BETTER with the 'rigid structure' of kindergarten.

it's all good. but good luck.

Anonymous said...

good luck. And he's a lucky boy, he's got you, right?

Unknown said...

We are celebrating pie day here at work. I work for a big publishing company and at last count there were 711 pies in this building. Oh my, time for pie!

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, we've been very happy with our IEP and with the professionals we've worked with in this district. They all seem to know their stuff.

I'm a nerd too, but I bow to the guy who recited pi to the 100,000th digit. Surely he's a nerd god.

Stephanie said...

i am so glad to hear that you are going through the evaluation process. i am a special education teacher and there are many parents that don't even get their kids tested. there is so much out there to help him, if he needs it!!!

oh..and happy pi day!

MichelleB said...

My DD13 memorized pi to the 153'd digit (did I say that right?). Why? So she could get a free pie from her math teacher and so she could have the record of memorizing the most pi digits. Bless her. I still don't know what 8 x 6 is.

And good for you for getting Griffin tested early. That is so important - EARLY. And IEP's are good things. Really.

Berber said...

Hope the test will go alright for Griffin!
And happy Pi day, you big nerd!!

Anonymous said...

Here's a relevant Pi Day link:

Anonymous said...

It cut my link off. If you want to go there, add "enHotDogs" to the end of the addy.

Kim -today's creative blog said...

So sorryo you have to deal with these issues with your child. But at least you are doing something about it, you should be proud of yourself.

Ali said...

Just getting my head round the fact that an evealuation actually means constant re-evaluation. Neverending... a bit like pi, but sadly not pie.

Anonymous said...

Now, never-ending PIE? THAT is something I could get excited about. Yep, evaluations and screening and testing and documenting all suck monkey crotch. But IEP's are worth the effort. It's so much easier for your child if a teacher has a plan and a name tag. You rock, Laura. You have your eye on the ball.

LLA said...

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Can you make yourself a key lime pi martini (or is there gluten lurking in that???)

I'm glad that your going to get Griffin re-evaluated. It may be nothing, it may be something - but it's always best to know what you're up against, you know?


Angelina said...

I can't even begin to know what it's like for parents with kids with autism, but what I do know is what it's like to have a "challenging" child who doesn't fit easily into the system. Mine is always the kid who has to do everything differently, fight authority like a little rebel, not eat the foods all normal kids eat, and it constantly freaks people out that he asks them so many questions they didn't think kids his age were capable of thinking about.

Mine is the unruly, the sharp as a tack but also tricky as hell to live with guy. the kid who goes to the office every day with a bloody nose. The six year old who talks about killing himself whenever he gets really angry or feels bad about something he's done.

So what I do know is that having a child who doesn't meet the usual expectations people have of his age group can be really exhausting and sometimes depressing. I know what it's like to worry to my bones about the life my kid is going to lead and how he's going to shine, because I know he's got shine in him.

So what I hope is that it turns out that Griffin doesn't have autism at all. But if it turns out he does and there are things you can do to help him learn and reach that potential then I'm rooting for you and him to find lots of good tools.

And basically, bitch all you need to. That's what blogs are for. Lots of people will commiserate.

I don't know you, and you might think this is creepy, but I kind of just sent you a hug. (I'm not a very huggy person. I sent it mentally before I could stop myself.)

Good luck!!!!!

Marshamlow said...

Regardless of Griffins diagnosis, weather he is diagnosed autistic and gets help or he is diagnosed as borderline and doesn't get help, my advice (not that you asked) is to try and let go of the pressure.

My 16 y.o. had a very hard time in elementary school. She is more of a visual learner and a daydreamer and the teachers pretty much ignore the quiet kids. They told me so many times that she was behind and blah, blah, blah. Now she is an honor roll student. The teachers make is sound like there is this encycopedia of knowledge that the kids need to have before they make it to high school or they are doomed for life. But, really it isn't all that much and they just repeat the same stuff over and over in every grade. Plus, 99.9% of everything he will ever learn in elementary school will come from you helping him with his homework. They learn more of the social stuff at school and the academic stuff at home no matter if they have a delay or if they are brillant. Don't let the teachers rigid schedule scare you.

Angelina said...

And that was the longest comment I've ever left.

And maybe the weirdest.

That's because it's beer time and there is no beer.

Chickenbells said...

Gheeze...I feel like growling at most of my customers, I think I should certainly get someones clearance before I go to work each day...And what a lucky boy, to have you to nurture him and help figure this stuff out so he can feel succsessful!

I think you all deserve some pie for that!

lera said...

First, how did I miss this post yesterday?????

Anyway, my friend just had to get an IEP for her daughter. There was a lot of red tape, but it will be very beneficial. (she's in 3rd grade now). It's good to get one now, before he starts school.

And, I'm sorry, but I'm laughing at him growling at the other kids!

Anonymous said...

my geek husband just informed me that in 2015 it will be 3-14-15! now THAT will be a day to celebrate for sure.

Anonymous said...

oh, duh - lori already wrote that.