Monday, March 19, 2007

I Came to Get Down, I Came to Get Down, So Get Out Your Seat and Jump Around

So. Yesterday.

Yeah, yesterday.

Aaron went outside around lunch time to "work on stuff." I try to give him lots of time to "work on stuff" even though a lot of that time is spent staring off into space or raking when he should be mowing or edging when he should be raking or trimming branches when he should be inside watching the kids so I can sew or so we could have a nooner.

Point: I give Aaron lots of time to "work on stuff."

After he was outside for four hours and while I was downstairs doing laundry, I noticed Aaron pulling a support stud off the greenhouse.

Of course, this caused me to zip upstairs, grab the camera and head outside.

He tried pulling studs but then decided to leave them, then he wrapped a hose around a stud and that didn't work. Then he tried wedging something between the greenhouse and the house and that made the greenhouse tip towards the house, so then he had to put supports around it. Then he grabbed an electrical wire for one of the heaters, pulled on that and made the greenhouse dance back and forth.

The greenhouse boogied.

But Aaron was afraid it would dance itself into the garden. So then he removed another stud and starting throwing the stud at another weight-supporting stud.

I can't make this shit up.

So then he ran inside to get me the camcorder (which isn't digital, DAMN IT) so I could record him pulling the greenhouse down like this....

The actual Pulling Down The Greenhouse took about 30 seconds. I was outside for over an hour.

And Griffin wanted to do it again! and again! and again!

I'm glad it came down when it did, because look at our house damage...


Hold me, internet, hold me. ::sob::


Kim -today's creative blog said...

is that part of a cinnamon roll on the window sill? :)

And it looked like there was a cool table in that green house!

Angelina said...

Well thank god it finally came down and was caught on record too. Poor house.

You know, I give Philip lots of time too. Same thing happens. I really try not to be sexist, but sometimes I just can't help but notice that men have some issues with time management that most women do not.

So are you going to build a new one?

Chara Michele said...

Exciting that it is finally down though:)

What is that bready looking thing floating in that one picture?

Chickenbells said...

Crud...I hate it when you solve one problem, and make another one...maybe it's a good thing you didn't have a nooner?

PamKittyMorning said...

I notice Angelina makes an excellent point with her time management comment. The findings of my 22 year study on this very problem reveals that at the workplace men have no problem managing their time but they check those skills at the door when they leave.

And I'm hoping that's a gluten free roll there on your house.. because otherwise it looks like your house is allergic.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite tell what the "damage" is. Wood rot on the window frame? Mold?

At least it's down now and you can move on. What are you going to put there where it was?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I laughed and I cried. I hope you can get that fixed without too much hassle or expenses. But you know how that goes... I'm giving you my eshoulder to cry on.

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

yeah, when it comes to husbands you just can't make that stuff up!

Anonymous said...

You really need to make a digital version of that film and set it to music! Congratulations on finally getting the greenhouse torn down!

lera said...

Wow. Thank goodness it is down and out of the way so no one can get injured.

(I thought that bag of trash was someone crouching beside the tree when Aaron was pulling it down. I was totally nervous for that "person.")

Anonymous said...

Wowza - glad it is down too. That mold looks like no fun at all.

LLA said...


Anonymous said...

ha! love that picture of Aaron running! i thought that was a kid crouching under that tree, too!

Anonymous said...

Peter wants it made very clear that "working on stuff" is VERY important and not to be belittled. As a Structural Engineer he also has the following suggestion about the repair of your house.
Step 1: Build tornado-proof concrete bunker in back yard.
Step 2: move into bunker
Step3: pray for tornado
Step 4: after tornado has destroyed house, claim insurance.

Sounds like dodgy advice to me. Someone should revoke his licence.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and now I know...