Monday, March 12, 2007

Well Maybe I'm a Little Bit Slow, or Just Consistently Inconsistent

The time change is seriously kicking my ass y'all. Seriously.

And could someone please explain to me how the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (where it was decided that we would change our clocks in early March instead of early April, and back again in early November instead of mid October in the autumn) really benefits us in conserving energy? Because really, all it is doing is Kicking My Ass.



You know what else is kicking my ass?


Wordpress is totally kicking my ass.

I've spent over 20 hours this weekend working on my recipe site and honestly? You cannot tell a difference. Oh, stuff is in there (no new recipes though) but I can't figure the shit out.

Back in the late 90s I knew all sorts of code, I built all kinds of different websites. Now I don't know jack and apparently I don't have the patience to sit down and read, read, read. Well, I'm sure I actually have the patience, just not the uninterrupted time to do so. Grrrrrr...

(Anyone have some easy-peasey tips for me? Anyone?)

Another ass-kicker (yes! another one!) -- I cannot find a place to order my curtain fabric. It is the Windham Vintage Euro Nursery Garden. Gah. Help me! Help me! (I keep spelling "hemp me! hemp me!" Do you think that means something?)

Aside from all the ass-kicking the Universe has bestowed upon me this weekend, we actually did have a fairly productive weekend.

If you count the greenhouse still standing "fairly productive."


Saturday the whole family spent the day outside. The boys played, Aaron worked on clearing out the dilapidated shed (yes, because everything in our yard that is not nature can be classified as "dilapidated") and I worked on the garden.

While clearing out the shed, which has broken doors and hasn't been opened for about six years, Aaron found a mama mouse and five baby mice.

Aaron freaked, Griffin freaked and Darwin was oblivious. The mama mouse ran off with one baby attached to her and abandoned the other four. We managed to find three of them and (using gloves) put them in a saucer so we could catch the mama.

Aaron wanted to kill them all, which I talked him out of (proud of me Kim?) since they were not in the house. I told Aaron we could just relocate them.

When we went to catch the mama and the last baby, the mama ran off abandoning that babe too.

The poor babies couldn't walk or open their eyes. They breathed really heavily and squeaked, hoping their mom would find them.

Griffin found the whole thing to be Very Traumatic. At first, he wanted us to keep the mama and all the babes as pets and was very upset that we said no. Then he was beside himself with worry that the mama abandoned her babies and never returned for them (we even saw where she scurried off to and placed the babies over in her area).

He was just beside himself with she's not a good mama and you'd never abandon me and Darwin and you're a good mommy, Mommy and why isn't she taking care of her babies Mommy? and you always take care of your babies Mommy.

This turned out the be The Topic Of Conversation All Weekend. Griffin just could not wrap his mind around the mama mouse leaving her babies. By Sunday morning the babies were still abandoned, but we didn't tell Griffin. ::sigh:: How do you explain such a thing to a child? That a mom was willing to abandon her babes?

In any case, the babes are there anymore (we have at least five neighborhood cats), all the pottery is out of greenhouse and into the shed and it was a very eventful, productive weekend.

And it is still kicking my ass.


Oil Cloth Junkie said...

Oh, so sad about the mice. Glad that you guys got to spend time outside, we did too. And yes, Daylight Savings is Kicking my Ass also.

Anonymous said...

Poor little mousies. I suppose it wouldn't help to tell Griffin that the mama mousie will just make more babies. It makes babies sound too replaceable.

DST is kicking my ass. I no longer have strep ('cause I kicked its ass), but now my house is kicking my ass. The in-laws arrive Thursday night. At that point, I hope the kicking of asses stops for a few days (or at least that I'm the kicker instead of the kickee).

Happy Zombie said...

This morning sucked! I wish we could just get rid of DST all together! We lived in Hawaii for 7 years without it and I LOVED not having it.

I'm so sorry WP is kickin' your butt. Have you considered letting them do the work for you? There are hundreds of templates, (maybe even a thousand+). Really, really nice templates! You could be there all day d/l templates! And you can flip back and forth between templates without loosing your blogroll and edits (unlike Blogger's evil ways).

I hope that helps you!

Happy Zombie said...

This link is better:

Anonymous said...

We both said "easy peasy" in our posts today. What are the odds?

And the DST thing is the reason I was up until 1:30 this morning folding fabric. Could.not.shut.down. Normally I'm out by 9:30. Go figure.

And your mouse story reminded me of when I lived in India and we had a mouse have babies in our office on the shelf below our cash box. And because it was during the Ganesh festival and Ganesh's conveyance is a rat, we were not allowed to get rid of them. Gah!

MéLisa said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute when they are babies! Poor Griffin! I hope that he isn’t traumatized for life! Yeah mice mamas are kind of fickle. We had them as pets in 2nd grade & one of the mama’s ate her babies. You probably will not want to tell him that. I am sure that he will have nightmares for weeks. But I am sure that that your mama mouse will be knocked up in no time & cranking out new babies. Their gestation period is like 30 days or something incredibly fast.

As for DLS you are so right. It is a kick’n my ass too.

MéLisa said...

Nope sorry it’s 20-22 day gestation period for mice (I had to look it up cause I am geeky that way) & they life an average of 3 years. So conservatively they can have 49 litters in a 3 year period @ say 4 babies per litter you would have 196 mouse babies! Eeeegad!

I am so sure that you wanted to know that right?

Anonymous said...

That's a hard one to explain, one I've been trying to explain to myself for over 15 years. I think I know now, but I'm pretty sure that mouse has a different story. Poor kid. I'm not looking forward to those kinds of questions. :(
Our time doesn't change for 2 more weeks.

amy h said...

I found a baby mouse in our shed last year, too. I didn't kill it, but I imagine something else got it. Maybe this is an opportunity to discuss the animal kingdom. :) Not all animals treat their young the same way.

It looks like your curtain fabric came out last year? Hrm, once things are gone, I don't know where to find them. Sometimes they pop up on eBay. But, it's a stripe -- I'm sure you could find something similar.

lera said...

Even though I hate mice (especially when they are in my home) I can't help but feel sorry for those little guys. It would be extremely difficult to explain that to a child. Glad it wasn't me.

We once found a dead baby mouse on our basement floor. I guess we killed her mama. Just one of the reasons I don't go down there alone. Old houses ...

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Kim me?
Sounds traumatic to me too.
Glad you got some time outside. Good ole Vit D
hope you adjust to the time change soon!

Chickenbells said...

Oh "wild" animal stories often don't come to great ends do they? And...ass kicking is right...what's up with all the productivity? Several million people (ok, I lie) came in to the shop today to tell me how tired they were after this weekend...and my horiscope this morning said "enough play, it's time to get back to work"


nuttnbunny said...

oh hemp me! hemp me!

we found a nest with mom and little ones in the gas grill last year (it must happen quickly b/c we use it every couple of days).

Hubby was all for ignition. We settled on leaving the top open, walking away, and cooking indoors.

patrice said...

We could have recycled those mice! I had to get "fuzzy" mice (not pink anymore, starting to get hair) to feed Annie's snake with today. Or would that have pushed G over the edge?
I too hate DST. My Grandparents did too, and since they ran their own buisness, never switched over. Going to their house was always like stepping into "real" time.

Angelina said...

I think DST is stupid. Whoever originally thought of it is stupid.

Nope, I know nothing about word press as you probably figured out from my post today. But what's really cool is that you will become an expert and then I can ask you questions when I switch to it someday, right?

Those are not fun moments in parenting. Having to explain things that rock your baby's world. He'll eventually let it go. Like in a few years, if he's at all like Max.

Care for a Vodka tonic?

Anonymous said...

my mum's dog died a few weeks back and No 2 found it very different to understand 'where did she go'. What do you mean dead, what's dead like. What do you do when you're dead?

It was hell and even now he comes up with questions... what do you mean she's in the sky (my mum's idea)... on a cloud? and when it's sunny she falls down?

Honestly. ANd he's only 4. What is he going to ask me next?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Hate spring forward. Always.

Sad mouse story man. I'm bummed out. Get well soon!

dee said...

i can't stand mice and still the story made me sad. Poor Griffin :(
Btw, I think the curtain thing means maybe hemp curtains would look nice...
We don't have DST here, and yet my husband works with the stock martket on NY time, so he's up at 3:00 am every morning. makes for a nice happy relationship. not.

Toni said...

We've relocated a few mice in our day too. (Mark graciously agrees to my request :)