Monday, November 27, 2006

Obladi Oblada, Life Goes On

In thirty minutes we are suppose to leave for Darwin's allergist appointment.

I still have to get both boys dressed, including tearing Mister Underpants away from his artwork.

We were going to get Darwin's blood panel pulled and tested for over 300 foods. But since he's had an outbreak of ringworm for over six months, we want to get that cleared up first. We think it's infected.

After the appointment, I have to go by my parents house. Apparently their carbon monoxide detector has been going off and they want me to make sure the dogs are alive.

Then this afternoon Griffin has an appointment with the family doctor. He's got this freaky dry patch under his eye and his cheek is turning pink. He also has two different nasty rashes on his legs.

And I'm guessing you all had nearly forgotten what a bunch of medical freaks we are.

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Kim -today's creative blog said...

I was thinking about Darwins skin, the poor little guy.....but I was wondering if the ointment that Christie Thom....something had on her blog would do the trick. She swears by it for cold sores and such. Says that it STOPS them, not slows them.
I will send you a link to her blog.
But the ointment is called
Corona Ointment, Lanolin rich antiseptic. It says its for horses. :)
Good Luck today.

Chickenbells said...

Poor little guys...although I must say, they are lucky to have such a wonderful caring mama to help them through all of this allergy/medical craziness!

OK...the art work by Mr. Underpants? I am totally loving it...what an amazing guy you have there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry its a naff day for you but it was a great day for me... I am now a Suzie Sews with a fab new pin cushion, not to mention the seam riper and delicious looking choc. Even the tissue was something to rave about. many thanks Laura you really are a treasure. Lovin the fabrics in the cushion and it actually holds the pins rather then they all sink down into it. VERY HAPPY ME!!!
Suzie Sews (UK)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bloglines tip -- you are showing up now!

I hope all the appointments go well and the dogs are alive. :)

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Sounds like a FUN day. Hope it all goes well and the pups are alive!!! That can't be good...carbon monoxide and all.
Don't worry. I'LL never forget that y'all are medical freaks. ;P

Anonymous said...

good luck at the drs today. sounds like a busy day.

Angelina said...

Oh boy. Good luck. I hope mysteries are solved.

diana said...

they may be medical freaks... but the are cute medical freaks... talented too !! Good luck today.

Anonymous said...

good luck at the doctors.

Anonymous said...

pssst...hey. I know you have mister undies running around and all, but you forgot the "braaaa"!

mmm hmmm. look who's worried about automated robot posts, and what they get stuck with.

Berber said...

Yay, you're coming through again :)
Good luck today with all your health issues!!

patrice said...

I don't subscribe to bloglines, but I'm wondering if I'm seeing your most recent posts also...