Friday, November 24, 2006

Take Me Down, Six Underground, the Ground Beneath Your Feet

Do not leave the safety of your home today.

Trust me.

I made the mistake of wandering into one store today. It was like entering the Dante's Seventh Circle of Hell.

Hold me. Please, hold me.

Aaron's freakish tomatoes that have just been picked off the vine. Fucking Kansas, we still have tomatoes at Thanksgiving. THERE IS AN INFINITE WRONGNESS RIGHT THERE.

And why isn't Bloglines showing me anymore? Answer that one for me please, internet. That is also SO VERY WRONG.


Kim -today's creative blog said...

I actually went into Target at 7:30am. What was I thinking. Good thing I had a plan. Went in, got it, got out! All in 15 min.
Now I am home and I am not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. This is a good day not to leave the house. Mike braved the crowds briefly, early this morning, but we are definitely not going store-hopping. Too scary.

Your global warming tomatoes look good.

Anonymous said...

it was a little crazy out there today. i did not encounter any rudeness, but my sister witnessed some. and so did my friend.

and i spent too much money.

and, lucky you, for tomatoes!!!! don't begrudge them ... love them.

Chickenbells said...

I went to out in 30 min. I overheard they'd made $50 grand in the first hour...and I live in a teeny town. Unfortunately it was not busy at my shop today...probably tomorrow (I hope)

PamKittyMorning said...

I braved Joanns for some velcro today. Scary. But not bad. I am surprised that I didn't run into anyone as I was dressed in my don't-leave-the-house clothes. Usually that means a parade of people.. maybe I should try the lotto today.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this thing about eating funny coloured tomatoes. Over here we only eat them red. Fried or not, green tomatoes (or yellow)just would not be eaten. What's that about?

Anonymous said...

Laura--you are not crazy. I waited 50 minutes just to check out at Kohl's with my 20 month old in tow. He did fine, but my feet hurt. I too live in a small town in Wisconsin, where this is just not right!

Laura--send me ideas for the kiddos, so I can send the gifts in a timely manner for the first time in 3 years.

Miss you lots!

Amy :)

Ali said...

Hey, you're right, no you on bloglines. Have you been banned?

Send them a mutant tomato sandwich and maybe they'll put you back on. That's a beautiful photo of them you took by the way.

Strikkelise said...

We don't have tomatoes outside here now, but there's definitely something wrong. No frost for about a month. Where did our winter go?

kirsten said...

So bloglines really isn't showing you? I thought it was me! I keep visiting you every two seconds to see if you've posted. Any woman who knows a cock in a frock on a rock is a friend of mine :)

Anonymous said...

I ventured out. Went to the mall. The outlet mall. At 7:00. It was empty because everyone else went to Target.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now. I LOVE the fried green tomatoes.

Man, I get to relying on the bloglines... I wonder if I've missed lots of people.

Anonymous said...

what is a "store"?

is there geometry involved in that, too?

Anonymous said...

Okay...looks like time for fried green (well...yellow!) tomato sandwiches. Yum!

Anonymous said...

I didn't visit blogland this morning as I was trawling the streets to ensure a happy xmas morn, where my dd will find all on her (small)list.
My head hurts, feet ache, fingers barely have feeling and my stomach thinks my throat was cut(no time to queue to buy food or drink in 7 hours).
Fortunately I have found the best cure...pyjamas, white wine and your blog. I have read the last 2 weeks or so and laughed so much i cried. The turkey cut, the blue are a good medicine. I may need a second dose tomorrow!

Suse said...

I would like to report that here (in Australia where it is meant to be summer in a couple of weeks) (ack, next week!), we had sleet hail wind and SNOW flurries last Wednesday, followed by 36C (which is about 100 degrees in your money) two days later.

The apocalypse cometh, what?

(We don't get snow even in winter, here)

beki said...

I don't think bloglines likes you. I had to go checking on you because nothing was showing up, and look at all that I've missed out on!