Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Probably Going to Explode; it's True, I'm Probably Going to Explode

Hello, November!

This seems to be a good time to get organized, doncha think?

::blink, blink::

No, really. Organized. Sounds good, right?

::blink, blink::

Is anyone feeling the pressure of life overwhelming them? Anyone?

::blink, blink::

Okay, I'm in over my head. I over extend myself. I really shouldn't be surprised, I've been lectured on this since I was in elementary school.

In anycase, I've decided that November is the month to Get It All Together.

For starters, I signed up to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I'll be posting every day for the month of November.

::blink, blink::

This will help me get all my verbal sewage out of my brain so I can focus on other things. Like, what the fuck are we gonna do for the holidays? and whatever happened to that fucking gluten-free cookbook, bitch? and getting that damned entry room painted already and not getting the fucking flu again.

And let us not forget the most important part, finishing the stupid fucking foot thank you gifts. Oh yes. I'm still working on those.

I still have more to do.

::blink, blink::

Like participating in the Apron ATC Swap. I've never made an ATC before, and yes, I'm scared shitless. And I was thinking I need a new bag, made out of this. And I just got this fabric and I don't know what to do with it (it's too cute just to throw in the stash, don't ya think?).

::blink, blink::

At least Halloween is over. So maybe my list is do-able this month.

::blink, blink::

Or, maybe not.


LLA said...

Your fabrics are adorable - and I am thrilled beyond all belief that I've got a shiny new post from you to look forward to each day this month...

However - settle down! Don't be so hard on yourself! I don't know about you - but every single time I get in that waaaaay overloaded frame of mind, the universe says "HA!" and then usually kicks me in the ass and forces me to reprioritize. So, I've learned to have a very healthy respect for the universe....

Love you!

PamKittyMorning said...

That's a lot of posting my friend! But with Yoda leading your way, Easy it will be.

Love the halloween photo set.. the kids look darling as do you.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the fabrics. And I'm with you girl on being over-extended. And all my crafting has left my house a DISASTER AREA!!!! DIS-AS-TER! Bring in the *caution* tape!

And I am so relieved that Halloween is over. *sigh*

Sully and the Clone trooper couldn't be any cuter.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to be totally overwhelmed, too. Not just for Christmas, but we have 4 birthdays (children's) between now and the end of the year!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want want want that measuring tape fabric!! I love it.

Posting every day? I couldn't do it. :) I'm a lazy blogger.

Feeling overextended? Gee, why? You only listed about ten projects there.

Ali said...

I'm not overextended, just under resourced - anyone know an online source of extra hours in the day?

Marshamlow said...

I have over extended myself this November too, we can loose our minds together. I am thinking of making some lists, one big list, daily lists, weekly lists, I don't know maybe that is just more work.

kirsten said...

Oh thank goodness! I thought you were going to suggest that we all clean out our cupboards together or something. I don't do that. Ever. Only when we move.

Meegan Blue said...

Wowzers, I want that measuring tape fabric too! Where did you find it?

Wouldn't it feel great to be really, truly organized? Is it really, truly attainable? I'm sure I'll never know...but good luck to ya'!

Meegan Blue said...
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Angelina said...

That tape measure fabric is one that I ordered for my store! I love it!!!!!!

(enough exclamation points for you? Wait, I think there's a few more coming...)

Yes, I feel absolutely completely overwhelmed wth life right now!!!!!!! I'm not saying my life is bad or anything, just so full the foam's all oozing out of it.

At times like these there's no such thing as too many lists. To me, the making of lists is a soothing, brain cleaning activity. I'm going to make lists-within-lists (don't try this if you're new at lists, it's tricky and you might hurt yourself.)

Before you know it it's going to be January and the world will be so quiet you'll be able to hear a pin drop three thousand miles away.

Chickenbells said...

OH grrrrll...How exciting for us to read you every day!! Keep on blinkin' and you'll just sail right through the holidays! Vegan goodies and all (surely there's mail-order vegan food!?!?!?!) I had a friend come over and say to me "so, what do you think about Christmas?" and I was like, "you mean making things for people this year?" "yes"... "OH, well it seemed like a great idea in April!"

Soo said...

love your fabrics! can't wait to see the bag and the apron!

Joanna said...

Yes. November is the month to get it together. I've got my in-laws coming for Thanksgiving. Time to clean out my pantry, closets, fridge, you-name-it. I'll get it all done, but unlike you I won't be blogging everyday. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh! I can't wait for the "verbal sewage"!

I love the fabrics... the first set will be a fantastic bag. The ruler fabric is fantastic just to look at. Maybe a crafting apron like the one CraftApple designed?

beki said...

Overwhelmed, that's a familiar feeling. I may join you in the 'get it together' this month. I need some getting togetherness.

Anonymous said...

Getting organized is ALWAYS a worthwhile pursuit, whether you do it in grand style or in baby steps. The important part is that you just do it. Trust me, I know what I'm talkin' about. ;) ~Monica

Anonymous said...

Greeting from the other side of the world, where I could show you an entire studio full of beautiful starts, that I have never finished. I am legendary.

Maybe we're related.