Friday, November 03, 2006

You Gotta Squeeze a Little, Squeeze a Little , Tease a Little More

Yes, I'm still working on the thank you gifts...

...and my pile is getting rather out of control.

Really, I should be done soon. I have 12 projects complete, which means I only have three more to go. And then I'll be done. Done. Dooooooonnnnnnnnneeeeee.

Am I the only person that starts something, thinking it's really charming and cute, but by the time I'm done it has lost its charm? It's panicking, really. I'm becoming concerned.

I get to go to a scrapbook class tonight (well, as long as Aaron doesn't get sent to Canada. His passport is up-to-date. Damn it). I'll be making some chipboard letter thingies. Hopefully I'll pictures tomorrow, you know, since I signed up to write every single day.

::banging head on table::

And what do you all mean I'm not organized? I'm offended. Really.

::looking around house::

Okay, maybe you have a point.


Anonymous said...

I tend to get disgusted with a project partway through. I'll hate how it looks and what not. But then I had to take a tip from Matt, my husband/ photographer and step away for alittle bit. I put it down for alittle while and then when I look at it again, i don't focus on what i messed up on but the overall project and I'm back in love with it.

beki said...

Oh yeah, I get sick of my projects. These days it takes me so stinkin long to complete anything I often feel like ditching it before I get it finished. I'm there right now with some projects.

PamKittyMorning said...

I get tired of projects as well, or sometimes bored. Maybe its the natural part of the process? If you post every day I'll come and comment I will. I mean seriously, comments are what I live for.

Anonymous said...

I'm in over my head 90% of the time. So what did I do? Sign up for another swap over at The Red Button Tree. Clearly, you and I are in the same boat marked "Crazy". But what a pretty pile of scraps you have, my dear!

Anonymous said...

you always crack me up.

i totally start hating my projects when i'm done. either the design or the workmanship. usually the workmanship!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

yap, you're not alone.

re passport... have you ever thought about burning it? My EX boyfriend grilled mine once (he was a bit mad). And then I got burgled and lost all my monet/cards etc. I was without identity. Quite scary. The bank wouldn't release new cards 'cause I couldn't prove who I was. I ended up in London crying at the desk of the Italian consul and begging for help.

Like all men he couldn't handle tears and helped.

(that was a lesson in how to make a very long story... short!!)

LLA said...

I'm totally schizophrenic when it comes to projects -

I either do exactly as you describe, and get really sick of it halfway through. (and have a difficult time making myself stick to it...)

- or -

I become obsessed with a project and do it over and over and over and over. I mean, really, how many little bears, washcloths and dishcloths have I subjected you to??? Obsessed, I tell you....