Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don't Worry, Even if Things End Up a Bit Too Heavy We'll All Float On, Alright

I spent three hours yesterday putting up blue tape for painting the trim work. Because I? Am a perfectionist.

And an extraordinary messy painter.

For Festivus, Darwin wants paint cans. Lots and lots of paint cans. Because they make awesome drums.

And he will use those paint cans and cans of Neocate (because, you know, he has to use The Most Expensive Things In The House As Toys) to create towers.

Hopefully today will be my last day painting. And then tomorrow can be a clean-up day. And then life can return to a normal (whateverthefuckthatmaybe) routine.

And then, I can start researching flooring for the entry room. And oh! Guess. What.

Our refrigerator is about to die. So I get to research those too.


My camera is on the fritz. I've owned it for less than 16 months and the motor is dying. Because I? Have taken over 6,500 pictures and I've worn the motor out. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Three hours?! Good thing you don't work for me. ;)

PamKittyMorning said...

When you get back to Normal, and experience it, write about it so I can know what it is.

Love the photos. I love me some Mr. Cutie!

Anonymous said...

Paint cans are awesome! How many things can really double (triple) as a container, a drum and and building block?

Anonymous said...

first of all, i can't remember if i commented on how much i love the green walls. if i've said it before, sorry.

i wish joe would take the time to use painter's tape when he paints. there is wall paint on the ceilings and ceiling paint on the walls. hate it!!!! it annoys the crap out of me.

i just hope the lids to your paint can tower are on tightly. it would be an expensive disaster!!! (oh, and open 5-gallon buckets of spackle are also very fun things for boys to play with. just so you know...)

sorry about your fridge and camera. do you have any good warranties (like the one from your dishwasher)??

Anonymous said...

Painting is looking great...and I know painter's tape well. When you pull them down, wrap them into giant tape balls!!! Hours of fun for the whole family. ;-)
Sorry about the dying appliance and camera though. bummer.

LLA said...

I'm with the little guy - paint cans rock. I am often guilty of going to either The Container Store, or Home Depot and buying empty ones and packaging stuff in 'em to give as gifts. Easy Peasy "wrapping paper"...

The painting is looking so great, and I am excited that you are so near completion. Esp. since it sounds like you've got a few new projects looming on the horizon....

Kim -today's creative blog said...

the paint looks great. Can't wait til you can be done with this. You'll feel so good.
What kind of camera do you have? Some fancy pants kind?

kirsten said...

6500 photos?? And my kids complain about ME!

Chickenbells said...

Oh heavens...I admire your taping. I HATE doing that...I just go really slow. I wonder if I actually save time?

I love my refridgerator with the freezer on the bottom...more expensive, but worth it!

Anonymous said...

I take that long to tape, too -- it's bad. So last time I didn't tape, and it was fine. I was much less messy when I didn't have the safety net of the tape.

Sorry about the camera and the refrigerator! We had to buy a new refrig five years ago, and had good luck with Lowe's. They had more energy-efficient options than other places.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

looking good.. and congrats on wearing out your camera.. You must a zillions of great pics of those boys and a detailed and accurate history of your family.

The tape looks great and the green is lovely.

It is midnight where you are and I am hoping you are finished painting and fast asleep.

beki said...

Cameras have motors?

I am way too lazy for painter's tape. That's what touching up trimwork is for.