Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm Back With an 808 'Cause I'm Bossy

Do you realize what today is?

Do you?

Three weeks until Thanksgiving.

Let's start our list, shall we?

(My sincerest apologies to my non-American readers, for I am about to go into Obsessive Mode for this American holiday. Also known as "Ye Old Time of Fat Assery.")

This year, supposedly, only my parents will be joining us for Thanksgiving. Typically Aaron's parents come down from Michigan as well, but they have graciously bowed out this year.

Them choosing not to attend doesn't really make a difference in how much I cook. I cook for at least 30 people to attend because:
A. I love to cook
B. I actually enjoy eating Thanksgiving leftovers (I'm not good at eating most leftovers. I like my food fresh. I'm high maintenance like that)
C. I was a Girl Scout, and thus Must Always Be Prepared
D. I'm always convinced that a large group of strangers (or family) (or friends) will arrive on my doorstep starving

So, at the three week mark, this is what we must do:
1. Make a list of the recipes you want to make
2. Make a list what you want to accomplish for the days leading up to the holiday

See? Small steps, people, small steps.

So, first item: the turkey.

My turkey has to weigh at least 25 pounds. Even when I made Thanksgiving for just me and Aaron one year, the bird had to weigh at least 25 pounds. There's a couple of reasons for this: leftovers and consistent cooking time.

It seems to me, the smaller the bird is the more difficult it is to get it cooked. And people? The turkey MUST be roasted.

None of those scary bags that you put the bird in. Oh, hell to tha no. All you need to do to roast the perfect turkey is a large, sturdy pan and some vegetables (as we get closer to Thanksgiving, I'll fully spell it out; I don't want to scare anyone with my Holiday Perparedness and Obsessivness just yet).

Also, you need to start thinking about what other dishes you'll be serving, especially those friends of mine who are vegetarians and vegans. There's a lot of recipes out there that are delicious and can be substantial for the holidays, and everyone can enjoy them.

Some of my favorite sites for recipe inspiration are: All Recipes, Martha Stewart and Real Simple.

Notice, I said inspiration. Due to our allergies to wheat/gluten and Darwin's amazing allergy list, I take inspiration from sites and tweek them to fit our family's tastes.

So, in over the next few days I'll be making of list of what I'm making and the timeline. And for shits and kicks I might be posting them here.

At least that way I won't have a paper trail all over my house.

Now, if only someone could explain to Griffin that it's past time to make Halloween decorations and do it in a manner that wouldn't cause a Total and Complete Meltdown, that would be great.


Angelina said...

Explaining the end of Halloween to Griffin may be best achieved by engaging him in some Thanksgiving decorations? You could tell him he can make really scary turkeys out of construction paper...or you could get him to make drawings of devil-possessed Santas...I don't know. I think you may have a melt down coming.

I love hearing peoples' adventures with turkey cooking, I love how everyone has their own method which must never be alterred or else great-aunt-Martha will rise from her grave with a scythe and cut everyone down...wait, Halloween is over for crying out loud. Shit. I was raised as a vegetarian and have remained one, so I've never cooked a turkey in my life. Yet I find it fascinating.

Does cooking for people with food allergies get easier with practice? It sounds very challenging.

Unknown said...

I just ran across your blog last week and boy do I love it. Anyone (other than myself)who can use hell to the no in a sentence must be awesome. Thanks for the turkey day've goten me on my toes :)

Anonymous said...

Could Pilgrim Zombies be in order? Or he can just save the new Halloween crafts for display next year?

I know. I just posted that I'm freaking out about the big Turkey Day too. And I only make the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy - oh and the cheezy carrots. Family tradition - don't ask. Full of gluten.

Do you know any good cleaning services? Or the operator of a backhoe/dumptruck?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Arizona for Thanksgiving, so no cooking here. I have actually never made a full Thanksgiving meal. I'm in for a rude awakening one of these days. I have no turkey knowledge whatsoever. I know my mom shoves some apples in there. Yeah. So please, write about it and teach me!

PamKittyMorning said...

I cook the same damn thing every year. Picky people are probably just as bad as people with allergies. Or food issues. I call it the white meal, turkey, mashed potatoes and rolls. I used to make dressing but only 2 people ate that, and no one touches the veggies and really the only thing left is the gravy. Which for some reason, we never have enough of. To scare things up we have cranberry that MUST be served in the can shape. I love that stuff. On turkey. I could give up meat maybe but man, I could not NOT give up turkey. And don't try and make me! I love the leftovers as well, Friday morning finds me making some potato pancakes which is really just frying up some mashed in pancake form with butter, I'M STARVING. And sandwiches.. I just need some sandwhiches. Well, clearly all I want is food so I better stop ranting on your blog and get busy.

Anonymous said...

I don't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt took over for my aging grandmother a few years ago. And I think the total of people attending is close to 60. (I usually take a dessert.)

I can't want to hear about all of your planning and menus.

Emy said...

I've already started planning it all out too. Who cares if its just us this year? I will still make about 10 different dishes!!!!

Anonymous said...

i feel very scared at how organised you are sounding - has someone abducted the real you

LLA said...

Oh - I can just tell that I am going to enjoy living vicariously through your T'giving preparations.

As for me, I started yesterday too. I went to Eatzi's and Whole Foods and picked up their catering menus. For real...

I'd love to do a big old Thanksgiving, but no one but me seems to want that. So - it's "turkey from a box" for us. (And believe it or not, this is a long standing family tradition. I'll explain it sometime, if anyone is interested... At least I upgraded the "box" - it now comes from someplace a little more upscale than the Pig...)

kirsten said...

You've got Griffin all wrong. He's not STILL making Halloween decorations; he's getting an early start (pays to be prepared!)on Halloween '07. Don't punish the kid for being more organised than you!

Anonymous said...

I love Thanksgiving leftovers. 25 pounds is a lotta bird isn't it? I don't cook the turkey so I don't know.
"Ye Old Time of Fat Assery"...hee hee hee!!!

Marshamlow said...

Time for Griffin to start making Thanksgiving decorations. Every year I make a big meal and invite over several of the non-married service members in our community. This year, I told the family we are going out to dinner. We can A. go to the military mess hall and have a cafeteria type dinner with tons of other people who don't feel like cooking or B. we can have Japanese food at a Japanese restaraunt. I have too much to do this year. I am such a bad mom!

Marshamlow said...

PS I always have a ton of trouble finding a gluten-free turkey, do you have this problem? They are all pumped full of broth, and who knows what is in the broth?

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Thanksgiving! Gawd! Did you have to bring it up? It's horrid. I host and it's usually my husbands family. Mine is in another state.
My husbands sister still brings Kraft Mac and cheese and caprisuns for her kids. They are 14 and 13. Yes you read that right. They won't eat anything else. Never have. My SIL doesn't like me much, or if she does, it's hard to tell. My 14 yr old nephew is afraid of my son. It's a great day!
The end of halloween. I've heard that it's so hard for kids. All this build up and then it's over. We move on, but kids still like to relish in it.

Chickenbells said... sister made an amazing stuffing out of quinoa one year (just as good as a cornbread one without all the annoying corn part!) I ususally eat Thanksgiving dinner with someone elses family since mine are vegetarians...and now my mom's eating all raw foods. Sigh. OH...I also saw some organic turkeys at CostCo the other day, just in case anyone's interested!

Anonymous said...

One time I cooked most of the dinner. I did Emeril's brined turkey. It soaks in salty/sugary water for a day beforehand. It was sooooo good. And Martha's cranberry cornbread stuffing rocks. I make it every year too.

But yes, all of this planning and organization is unlike you.

Anonymous said...

time for Griffin to start putting turkeys on the November calendar.... dang transitions are hard!!! I cant wait to hear some of your recipes !!

Anonymous said...

i wanted to make sure that you got my response to your comment on my blog... look at me!!! feel free toswear on my blog anytime you want!!lol

Anonymous said...

Uh. Bloglines just let me view your site. Looks like I'm late to the party and the only one having the problem. And suddenly I'm realizing there are tons of people commenting here who are new. How many social blog circles to you have woman?!! dude.
So,uh. Hi there. Turkey talk ay? I got nothing to say. We don't really do turkey day. Sooooo, how's the weather there? heh.
What is with super-hyper-organizing you? freaky.

Paula Adams Perez said...

I am totally with you -Thanksgiving leftovers rock! And I usually won't touch them! (My husband will eat the same thing for DAYS AND DAYS!). There are many cute Thanksgiving crafts...or give him a stamp or a potato print and have him start making you Christmas wrap on brown craftpaper!!

Anonymous said...

3 weeks, eh?
I'm a briner then roaster for sure. But brining - its a good thing.
Looking forward to your recipes. I'm going to someone elses house so will probably be making nothing.

Anonymous said...

Damn, woman. I should hire you as my personal organizer, since you're good at this stuff. We'll be spending our Thanksgiving at the ILs, so I blessedly don't have to plan or cook. ;) I'll kind of miss the turkey, though ... I'm sure we will be having something more "gourmet."

Anonymous said...

>strums fingers on desk impatiently<

Anonymous said...

Hah, and you commented on the amount of comments I get?? I had to beg for those - all you did was write about a turkey!!