Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Feel the Vibration, C'mon, C'mon, Feel it, Feel it

"Okay, Darwin's turn to pick out the music. What do you want to listen to Darwin?"


"Darwin, we don't have Hard-Fi."


"Jack Johnson!"

"Griffin, it's Darwin's turn. And Darwin, we don't have Hard-Fi."


"How about your Arctic Monkeys? Or your Fall Out Boy?"


"Dude, we don't have Hard-Fi."


"How about Arctic Monkeys? Or Jack Johnson? Franz Ferdinand? Beth Orton? Ani DiFranco? Deathcab?"

"Jack Johnson, Darwin choose Jack Johnson!"


"Darwin. We. Do. Not. Have. Hard. Fi."


Um, yeah. Well, we do now.

And you all think I'm an audiophile.


Anonymous said...

i'm so out of the loop with music. i have no idea about anything you just wrote about! ha ha ha!!!!

LLA said...

wow. Not that we didn't all suspect this, but now it is official:
There are toddlers who are way cooler than me

I, of course, had to zip over to the iTunes Music Store to see what it was all about. Very nice, thanks for the music recommendation, Darwin!

beki said...

Okay, I feel about as unhip as my grandma right about now.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I know what this post is about is because you clued me in last week. And as it turns out, I had actually watched Arctic Monkeys on SNL (and didn't fall asleep before the monologue was over.)but didn't remember until I listened to the song and it sounded familiar and STILL my office mate had to tell me that I saw them last spring on SNL. Oh, yeah!

PamKittyMorning said...

Hard Fi huh? I'll be checking them out. Tell Darwin he might enjoy a little Brand New as well.

Anonymous said...

Who, whu? I guess I will have to pay attention to Darwin's choices to stay up with the music times!

Paula Adams Perez said...

Laura....come see my 80s pic!

Anonymous said...

That boy is so hip it's scary. Hope you all have a good drive to Michigan!

nuttnbunny said...

So glad there's someone else who has little ones listening to real music! Hope you're resting well after your journey...