Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bounce Wit it, Drop Wit it, Lean Wit it, Rock Wit it, Snap Wit it, All My Ladies Pop Yo Backs Wit it

In yesterday's comments Janey left a link to an article claiming that a new shot will totally eradicate allergies; she wanted to know my thoughts on it. (Good topic! Good topic!)

The philosophy behind the shot is true... that if you put something into your body to have your immune system fight against, your body will not react to allergies as much because it has something "more important" to fight against. Part of the reason why allergies are on the rise, aside from pollution and global warming, is because we now live in such a clean environment. Two hundred years ago, the human body had more diseases to worry about and less cleaning practices as well. Allergies were pretty nonexistant. Or if someone to Darwin's extent of allergic reaction was born, they died in infancy due to lack of knowledge and inability to protect them from allergens.

However, the article does claim that the shot "contains harmless DNA similar to that found in the TB bug." Personally, I don't think the words "harmless" and "DNA" should be sitting next to each other. That kind of scares me. And what could be considered "harmless" for one person could prove be fatal for another. Considering how DNA can attach itself to your cells, I couldn't image intentionally injecting myself with unknown DNA.

Additionally, I've never heard of a shot that does not contain mercury (shown to increase the chance of autism) and/or egg whites (a very common food allergy, that Darwin is allergic to on the level six, over 100 parts per 100) as the carrier substances for shots.

Would I give my kids the shot? As it is now, no. I'd need a lot more research and I would have to take the shot first. Aside from the wheat/gluten allergy (celiac disease is actually an autoimmune disease), I'm allergic to a few other foods as well -- ginger, bananas and rosehips. I'd take that shot and put myself on the line before I'd ever consider giving it to my kids.

So, the short answer is -- they are on the right track with the philosophy of the shot, but I don't think it's a safe bet. And making broad sweeping statements that it's going to end all allergies and eczema sounds a little too much like a tonic from a few hundred years ago.

Yesterday Aaron went out on a surprise business trip (surprise!). Which, as we all know, means So Much Fun for Laura. Gah. I did take the opportunity to sew a little bit (just a little bit), working on my super-duper secret project (which is taking forever; I'm so very sorry).

And this morning we were provided with free entertainment...

...apparently, that dump truck hit an electrical pole. Seriously.

I love it when people stand in my driveway looking up with binoculars. So very awesome.

We didn't lose power nor did any of my neighbors. But it was very interesting how super-secretive the police were being. They wouldn't tell anyone anything.

So, now I'm scared my house is going to blow up or something. Because that's the kinda shit that happens when Aaron's out of town.


Anonymous said...

o man my boys would be climbing the windows like little spiders if that happened. scary, though. hope everything turns out uneventfully.

I've not heard of this shot business but have to agree that DNA=harmless = um, yeah, not.

mighty interesting, though. ah, more research.

do the minimum while the man is gone - that's what I do. roll wid it.

still feelin the love!

- me

LLA said...

It's funny - I just got finished sending you an email in which I praise you for how much I learn from you. This post is no exception... I had not heard about this shot, and it's much food for thought.

I must point out that the only thing more inappropriate than a sentence that puts "harmless" right next to "DNA" is a sentence which not only does so, but also includes the phrase "TB bug". So, so, wrong....

Empathizing with you about waiting for the house to blow up. That's the exact same kind of crazy stuff that happens when Bubba's gone, too....

PamKittyMorning said...

I thought the shot info was interesting as well. I had allergy shots as a kid, in the 60's and don't remember all that much benefit from them. My dad went every week and got one with me. Yet we still both had allergies. Hmm. Anyhoo.. sounds like as usual, life is interesting in your world. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I've also heard of doctors using actual parasites to help patients with severe allergies. The IgE antibodies were originally designed to fight parasites, not pollen and dust mites, and the presence of actual parasites seems to dampen allergic reactions. I know, ewwww ... but I think a medically-induced hookworm infection might be safer than an injection of DNA. Maybe we should be working on a shot to convince our bodies we have worms...?

Anonymous said...

DNA=harmless....ha ha ha...that's good. I think it's an interesting "idea" and definately worth more research, but I'd go with your current position too. Step away from my kid with that needle.
I hope your house DOES NOT blow up. Seriously. That would be way bad.
(hey, and where's my hand delivered cupcakes? ;-))

Kim -today's creative blog said...

They're just rigging your house for bugs! The kind for eavesdropping. :)

When Lu was a little over a year, we had construction one afternoon outside our home. He was SO excited. I put his highchair in front the window and served him lunch. Ahhh, the silence.........ahhh OH NO! My baby had fallen asleep in his meal and just about suffocated in peanut butter and applesauce. What a mess.

Anonymous said...

Huh. The stuff you learn hangin' out with Laura...

Maybe that guy is looking for top secret alien spaceships or something.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - not just this shot but any of them. The more research I do the more freaked out I get. My Dh leaves next week. As fun as it sounds - we don't do surprise trips. That would not make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Police are their own worst PR. You would think they would be more forth coming but that seems to be against their philosophy. My son would have loved all the action though.

I agree with you about DNA and harmless. DNA is not harmless or genetic therapy would have worked.

I think you are going to have to use duct tape and velcro on Aaron so that he stays in town.

Anonymous said...

secretive police? secret project? my oh my...

I'm with you with the shot thing. I'd try it on me first, my children last.

You are becoming quite an expert, aren't you?