Saturday, September 23, 2006

Everybody Look at Me, Me

subtitled: Two Sick Nerds on a Saturday Afternoon

"Hey. We should make our own rice flour."

"That's a retarded idea, Aaron."


"Because it's not economical. The cost to yield a proper amount of flour would be very expensive to start with the whole grain. And we don't have a proper way to mill it uniformly anyway. Besides, I purchase organic brown rice flour anyway."

"Oh. Let's try to puff our own rice then."


"Let's puff our own rice."

"I don't know how to do that."

"Oh. Me neither."

"I'll look it up!" ::searching on Wikipedia:: "Apparently, you puff grains by putting them under high pressure with seam. When the seal breaks, the grains are puffed. Huh. Oh! Listen to this -- cereals like Rice Krispies and Sugar Pops aren't really puffed grains. They are made out of a batter that is shaped to look like the grain and then baked. No wonder they all have gluten."

"Fucking gluten. It's everywhere."


Anonymous said...

It seems like half of my conversations at home also end in a web search. We usually end up at imdb though. (looking for that show or that actor we can't remember the name of...)

I'm surprised that Rice Crispies are not really puffed rice... So naive.

Anonymous said...

wow. I didn't know about that about cereals. Just as well my kids don't like those types.

Hey did you ever received my parcel? It was returned in tatters once and I re-sent it...

Anonymous said...

oh man.... now you are gonna tell me special k is too...

PamKittyMorning said...

SUGAR POPS.. YOU STILL CALL THEM SUGAR POPS. What don't I love about that cereal. The smell of chlorine and bowl of Sugar Pops and a good book is what my kid summers were all about.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that other people lie around and say nerdy things too. I've progressed to having nerdy conversations with my kids, too. (Have you ever tried to explain to a 5-y.o. what a skin cell is? It requires a whole lot of nerdiness.)

LLA said...

who knew?

(and I agree with Amy H. - a surprisingly large number of ourt conversations here end with consulting imdb, wikipedia, or google...)

Joanna said...

Do you guys have an Asian food store around? That's where I buy my puffed rice. Hard to find it without a coat of syrupy sweetness on top. When I was a kid in Taiwan, they used to puff it on the street in these honking huge machines. If I see some next time I go to the Chinese store I'm gonna get some for ya.

Marshamlow said...

I always wondered how puffed rice was made. I have tried milling tapioca flour in a coffee grinder and it didn't work so well. We don't really have access to a lot of the gluten free flours so I try to make my own, not working for me. I end up eating a banana.

Anonymous said...

LOL - my DH and I were talking about herbs te other night - I am very into juicing and taking herbs right now.

"wouldn't a marijuana herb crusted steak taste great!" I said.
"tried it." Dh replied.
"No way! You did not!"
"You can't cook with the leaves. Tastes awful. And you also can't pop the seeds to make pot corn."

Oh the things we did in college.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the rice krispies don't look like the puffed rice candy you get at the Japanese supermarket. That explains a lot.

BTW just the other night I caught on TV how they make the Japanese puff rice candy. They put it in a steel drum and use some kind of explosive device, at least they did on the program I was watching. It was like a cannon going off.

Anonymous said...

Heehee, isn't it funny how you learn new things?! And, I agree, effing gluten!

beki said...

Ah, the wealth of knowledge I gather from this site!