Thursday, December 22, 2005

Introducing Sicky McSickerson and the Nasty Noses!

Bhah. Cough, cough. We'b ven tick. I onlee have de nergy to layb about ve house and watt teebee anb worry about ve holly daze.

Cough, cough.

Karba iv gibbing be a vig tick in dee assh.

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Marshamlow said...

I hope you get better soon. I hate to be sick, especially if you have a ton of stuff to get done. I am dying to know how you are celebrating festivus.

There is a jerk in my history class and his last name is Castanza, now you are mentioning the Castanza family holiday of festivus. Freaky weird.

Drink plenty of water! I hope you enjoy your brisket, I love brisket so I am jealous. I am glad you will get to be with family.