Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Apparently, I Was On the "Naughty List"

Christmas morning, we all woke up and took the boys downstairs. Griffin was all excited that Santa had come, looking at all the presents and pointing to the stockings.

"My stocking is full! Darwin's stocking is full! Daddy's stocking is full! Mommy's stocking is... empty?"

He whipped around and turned to me.

"Mommy! Santa says you're on the Naughty List!"

"I am not on the Naughty List! I was a good Mommy this year!"

"Santa says you weren't."

I whipped around and look at Aaron, who had an "oh shit" look on his face. He cleared his throat and said to Griffin, "Um... I'm sure Mommy was on the nice list. Let's see what Santa's note says..."

(Because, you know, Santa is all polite and leaves thank you notes for the cookies.)

Aaron read the note out loud, editing into it that an elf "forgot" Mommy's stocking stuffers and Santa will return later after his trip back to the North Pole.

Griffin turned around and exclaimed, "Mommy! You're not on the Naughty List! And! And! That elf is going to get DISCIPLINED!"


Marshamlow said...

That is so funny, you naughty girl. I used to stuff my own stocking, but this year my husband did everyone's stockings. He put a gift card in them all. That's it a gift card, no overflowing with candy or chapstick. But, mine was for $100 so who's complaining.

I hope you are feeling better!

laura capello said...

Eh, we're still sick. In fact, I cleaned baby puke. So much fun.

The worst part of the stocking is, Aaron has always done it. So silly me assumed he was still doing it. But I guess not.

Next year I'm gonna have lots of fun with my stocking.

Where's you gift card to?

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Do you suppose that Santa has been talking to Baby Jesus?

laura capello said...

Yes, obviously I made Baby Jesus cry.

Marshamlow said...

My gift card is to the BX (Base Exchange) a store the military provides us with filled with American goods, very lovely.

I hope you guys feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a stocking anymore. I will demand one next year, though! Happy happy. hope you are all well soon!

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!!!