Friday, March 17, 2006

If You're Friends With P, Then You're Friends With Me; If You're Down With P, Then You're Down With Me

Maybe blogger (you fuckers!) being down today was a good thing. It forced me to do a much-needed update.

Scroll down, go ahead, look on the right.

You see ALL those blogs?

Yeah, I read those. All of 'em.

I just have to say, if it wasn't for reading other people's blogs, and blogging myself, my mind would be so overstuffed with thoughts that I could not function.

Seriously, I'd spend all day on my ass on the couch contemplating the aspects of my children's ear wax.

Instead, I only do that for about ten minutes a day.


colorfool said...

OHMyGOD! You are so funny. I hurt my chest laughing at your writing. First, the "good luck with that" cracked me up and then the "the eggplant lady". And then the blogger comment. AH! I love it. I needed a laugh today. Thanks.
I tried making a little mini prototype bag today. It was awful. What is up with foldin' the f'in bottom corners up, unstuff and pucker and do 10 jumping jacks. I don't get it. I thought I was getting it. I was so wrong. Dumbass.
My mini bag sucks.
First I sewed up the whole top. Put in the handles and sewed both sides together. Kinda hard to be a bag without a GD opening in it! Then, there was a giant hole in the bottom. How do you sew the straps on when the bag is sewed together. The other side gets in the way. How can I be so stupid? Better stick with dumbie cards.

laura capello said...

Now I'm the one laughing and my chest is hurting!

I swear, I'm gonna conquer those damn bags. And when I do, I'm gonna make a tutorial for complete dumbasses and make millions and millions of dollars.

Wait, huh? How am I gonna make millions of dolloars? Damn!