Friday, March 03, 2006

We're Gonna Rock On to Electric Avenue

How did it become that this year I have been the designated zapped person?

Griffin zaps me.

Darwin zaps me.

Aaron zaps me.

But - oh wait! - it gets better!

The door zaps me. The dishwasher zaps me. Clothing zaps me. The computer - oh goddess, the computer - zaps me.

I swear, I can even zap myself.

And nothing seems to be making it any better.

I put TONS of lotion on, no help. I spray yummy-smelling, expensive leave-in conditioner on my hair, no help. I bathe in fabric softener, no help.

And the ONE thing that I know that can help, I can't use. Damn you dryer sheets for being allergic to my son! Argh!


colorfool said...

I don't know if you re-read my comments or not, but I said I'd send you some beach glass one of these days if you'd like. I don't have a ton of it, but I'm willing to part with a handful of it to someone who has NEVER had any. Me getting to the post office to send it...well, that'll take awhile.

capello said...

Of course I always re-read your comments! I'm a whore that way!

And I'd certainly send you something in return...

Mia said...

Whoa.. and I thought it was just me that was special with all that extra electricity *grin*

Jenijen said...

I keep shocking everyone/thing, too. We are electric. I was worried something was up with my van and that i was getting all charged up whenever I drove. I feel better now, thanks!