Thursday, March 16, 2006

Everybody Get Random

What happens on the fourth day Aaron is out of town?



How's my washer, you ask?

'Bout broken, that's how. I am now up to at least five (as in 5! 5! 5!) rinses per cycle, and? The clothes are still not adequately rinsed.

When Aaron gets back in town we are suppose to go purchase a new set. Yeah. We'll see how long that process takes.


This is for Tasha...

I plan on making two of her bags. But I'm incompetent and asking lots of questions. The outer materials are the bottom, the linings above. Love the obnoxiously bright flowers!


Is anyone noticing that nearly all of my titles are music lyrics?

For instance, "Everybody Get Random" is from Lady Sovereign's "Random" off her album Vertically Challenged.

Do I need to start doing a week in review and giving all this information out so y'all don't think I'm completely off my rocker? Or will that not help? Does this conversation topic make me seem even more crazy?

In any case, go watch her video. Or, at least, play it and listen while you're surfin' around.


Thrifty Thursday finds...

A men's hawaiian shirt (I have two projects in mind for it - one, of course, is another bag) and a Richard Scary book. Is it bad of me to keep looking at it and thinking it says "Miss Horney's Busy Day"?


I love Morningwood.

Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that morning wood, this Morningwood.

They are coming to Lawrence April 26th (at the Granada. Urgh). Anyone wanna go? They are the openers, so we can drag our lazy mommy asses home at a semi-reasonable hour.

Actually, the first morning wood isn't all that bad either.


Will you quit looking at me like that? Gah. I told you my mind is demented today.


marshamlow said...

I love that Hawaiian shirt. I wish I knew how to sew. I got a sewing machine for Christmas about 3 years ago, I keep planning to learn but haven't. Maybe next winter.

kristi said...

When I was in college taking science classes, my geek friends and I used to do a dance called The Random Particle Stomp. It was a celebration of Brownian motion.

Stop looking at me that way. I'm trying to make you look more normal by comparison!

tasha said...

AMY BUTLER on the right!!! i have them too. don't go selling that bag after you finish it! remember, the fabric police will hunt you down, haha!

i love that bright pink one, too!

I sent you an email a little while ago.

alicia said...

Can't wait to see the bags! Oooo- LOVE the wild flowers.

We have Baron von Flugel's Busy Day. (You have to read it with a German accent.)

Oh, Kristi- you're funny!

colorfool said...

My dearest capello. I was just joking. It's all good. I didn't take what you said in a mean way. I am a sarcastic goof. No worries. 8-)
I LOVE the pink combo. If you make a bag. You gotta give me an idiot's tutorial for making one. I just can't get my brain around any of the tutorials I've read. Dense headed sewing loser-right here!

colorfool said...

I just found this tote bag tutorial. I think I'm starting to get it.

capello said...

That eggplant lady totally lost me at "Next, you will sew in the corners of the bottom of the bag to create a flat bottom."

I'm such a loser.

tasha said...

an "eggplant lady"? going to check her out now...
sorry about my instructions.

tasha said...

i'm assuming the eggplant lady doesn't have kids. she seems to really like her candies and cookies. can't have that much junk food around with kids...
wow, and her dog watching tv with so much concentration.

capello said...

Do you think she could buy more peeps? Gah.

Aaron lurves him some peeps. I have to buy them early, open them and let them air dry for a week or two before the are ready for consumption -- in his mind.


colorfool said...

Ya'll keep doggin' the eggplant lady. That ain't right. Kidding. Kidding.
I'm trying to read EVERY tutorial I can find hoping my loser self can get the basic concept down. Tasha: your tutorial wasn't bad at all. I just suck. boo hoo.