Monday, March 20, 2006

Starting to Collect Requested Data, "What Will It Affect When All Is Done..." Thinks Major Tom

First of all, I think my martini post Friday night broke Blogger. Everytime I tried to log on this weekend, Blogger claimed they were having a "server" problem. How you all managed to leave me so many comments is beyond me.

As usual, we had a crazy weekend. After Griffin went to gymnastics Saturday, Kathy (my step-mom) and I (stupidly) took the boys to a fabric store. We needed to get some fabric for me to make a baby blanket for her nephew's new son. I would post a picture, but Blogger is broken again. I also got some fabric to make new pillowcases for the living room (and when I do, I'll make a tutorial and post it here and on flicker to make colorfool happy).

Aaron finally got home late Saturday night, which meant we had one day to catch-up on a week's worth of shit to get done -- mainly taxes and purchasing a washer and dryer. At least we got our taxes done.

We went to two stores. First we went to Home Depot, just to see what they had (and to get some household stuff, including a new cutting board!). Then we went across the street to Sears with the most sincere idea to purchase, but purchase we did not.

Really, we're not asking much. Just a stainless steal drum with bleach and softener dispensers. Really, that's all. (I'd love to have a front loader, or a top loader without an agitator, but seriously? Can. Not. Afford. It. And that's okay.) But Sears only had two models and we were not happy.

So we decided that I would go out into the world, armed with my trusty digital camera (nerd - I know). First I went out to Lowe's, and they had a pretty good selection of what we wanted. Then I needed to go up north (close to the airport) because I needed to get something clearanced at a scrapbook store before they closed, and I decided to go to the Best Buy up there.

And that was about the smartest thing I did all weekend.

Their selection of washers and dryers sucked hairy monkey balls, but I got to look at laptops and software for the cookbook. And in doing so I met a kid with Celiac Disease. Total kismet.

I also go to go to Border's for a few minutes (literally, a few minutes) and looked at cookbooks. They did not have one single cookbook for Celiac Disease or food allergies on their shelf. I did manage to pickup a great Mediterranean cookbook, because I love the layout, materials and price ($10) -- all factors I'm keeping in mind for my cookbook.

Oy. We have two BIG purchases to potentially make this week. And I'm overwhelmed.


Kim said...

Sam has a frontloader, and although it might not serve your purpose, ya never know. That thing has been THE SHIT to my boy, and has had many incarnations. I know he'd be glad to share.

And... Ahem... Borders???
My nose is in the proverbial air. Get the to B & N, for some "real" booksellers, the kind that can't wear jeans, and have a (knock-off) Starbucks while you browse.

Kim said...

I was just going to ask that if you publish my previous comment, that you correct my mis-type, in the last paragraph, to "thee," rather than "get THE," but too late, it's already posted.

laura capello said...

Yeah, I don't think I can edit comments.

And I only went to Borders because there wasn't any Barnes and Nobles close by. Really. I swear. Honest.

colorfool said...

Sounds like a thrilling weekend my dear. When we moved in we had NO appliances. After looking and looking, I think we finally bought them all in one weekend because we were sick of it all.
As a matter of fact, I would be very pleased if you'd post your new pillows in the pool. 8-)

Have we mentioned that Blogger sucks? I've been having the same problems as you. I'm moving to typepad soon.

oh, yes and "overachiever" ha ha. Not the first time I've been called that. A dork is a dork is a dork. Can you dig it?
I heart my doorknobs too.

Alicia A. said...

I've been thinking about the move to Typepad too, ladies. Or downloading Movable Type and figuring a way to have my regular web host (for my mural website) include the blog. What a pain. I just want to CATAGORIZE!!

Oh, and I met a mom and a little girl both with Celiac disease at the pediatrician's office the other day. Must be more common than one thinks!

laura capello said...

Yes -- I think I might purchase a URL and move to Moveable Type. That way, I can have a front page for the cookbook, a blog for cooking (tie in with the cookbook) and a personal blog (most likely not accessed through the front page because, hello, cussing!).

Celiac is everywhere. I am literally meeting at least one person a week who has that or some other "life-prohibitting" food allergy. The saddest part is, none of those cookbooks are available through mainstream options; you either have to go to amazon, a specialty food store or a special website. My goal is to break through and get my book on every major bookstore shelf.

Yeah, I'm not asking much.

Marshamlow said...

I go the library and check out cookbooks, how dorky is that? Thai food is mostly gluten-free! I get tired of trying to re-invent the wheel by changing favorite recipes to be gluten-free so I really like finding foods that are naturally that way. Can't wait for your cookbook!

Did you get a new washer?

Blogger is driving me crazy!

Tom said...

not that you need this, but i saw a commercial for these new washers and dryers that have see-through doors. so you can sit and stare at your clothes going thru the spin cycle and drying and stuff..... well maybe the kids would get a bigger kick out of that than you, but i bet i could waste hours looking at laundry....

laura capello said...

Tom --

Aaron saw one yesterday and was all "ooooo... look." And I had to wipe the drool off his chin.

Kim said...

We're moving? When are we moving? Don't leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will this Moveable Type place cost money?
Take me with you.

beki said...

Good luck with your purchases. As much as I'd like a front loader, it ain't in the budget.

I'm tired of blogger - too many problems. I just made the move to typepad.