Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Copywritten, So Don't Copy Me

What is going on over at Den gode feen's hobbyside brings up a great topic about copying others crafts.

As a crafter, I get TONS of inspiration I see on flickr and other people's blogs. There are so many great ideas, crafts I love but never would have thought about myself.

However, I think there is a difference between inspiration and copying.

Inspire: to influence, move, or guide
Copy: to reproduce an original work; something to be imitated

Many might think there is a fine line. Personally, I would never intentionally copy someones work, nor would I want mine copied (unless I specifically wrote a tutorial). But, if I inspire you to do something similar, and add your own take on it, by all means -- create.


colorfool said...

That is messed up. I went and looked at the miniswap piggie photo and it is almost an exact copy. It didn't even have any kind of acknowledgement to the original designer/maker. That's wrong. That makes me feel sad.

Green Kitchen said...

I found the person who did the copying on Flickr and looked at their photos. They seem like normal folk, not anyone trying to make a profit by stealing an idea. They just lack creativity and the sensitivity to at least acknowledge the designer. I struggle with this concept too, because I'm always getting ideas from everybody else.