Monday, March 06, 2006

I Have No Witty Song-Lyric Title for This One

So, my washer? As in my washer and dryer that's a pair and over 25 years old and the reason why we have them is because when we bought our house we wrote the contract to include all the appliances, now requires at least two additional rinse cycles and and at least two more additional spin cycles and I still have to ring the wet clothing out by hand because it's too wet to throw into the dryer.

Oh yeah. It is going to die. Going to die soon.

But the real kicker is Aaron's going out of town Monday for a two week (two week!) business trip, and I seriously doubt we're going to be able to go out and buy a washer and dryer before he leaves, and we sure as hell won't buy one and have it installed before he leaves.

So in other words: For the love of Goddess, washer, hang on a little bit more!

In other news, I am a home-remodeling whore. I love having an old house. I feel like if I break something, oh well, its an old house; let me fix that...

And its not like we have a nice old house, with great craftsmanship and architecture special to the city. No, it's just an old house. Just a house for me to learn on.

Today, for the first time, I caulked.

Previously, this was the only indoor task Aaron would do. He also mows the grass and bags the debris when I do gardening chores. And he takes out the trash.

I. Love. Chaulking.

Its like icing a cake but getting to use a wet paper towel to make it pretty. I ran around the house desperate to caulk something else. And I've decided there's certainly more caulking to be done tomorrow. Because, seriously? Caulking Rocks.

I may have to take pictures.


colorfool said...

Caulking is awesome. I did our bathroom sink and then ran around smoothing out all kinds of things. I just used a wet finger. I think I used the whole tube. Gonna have to put that on the Lowe's list.
Oh-I'm gonna email sometime today again.

Alicia A. said...

Duck tape. WD-40. Caulk. Can't live without 'em.