Sunday, March 05, 2006

Unfortunately, Storms Do NOT Like to Wade in Her Eyes

Subtitled: How I actually felt like a NORMAL person this weekend

On Saturdays, after taking Griffin to gymnastics, I take my 15 year-old cousin Sarah out. I take her to her music lesson, run any errands she may need ran and drag her to where-ever-the-hell-I-feel-like. My aunt has breast cancer, so taking Sarah out not only keeps her active and not shut in her room all day, but it's a great excuse for me to get out without the kids (if Aaron's not out on a business trip, that is).

So on Saturday, after Sarah's music lesson, we went to a thrift store we've never been to before (and no finds, damn!) and then I decided to go to Keith Coldsnow (a place to buy art supplies -- I have a new project in the works) down in Westport, since we were closer to that one.

First of all, Sarah's lived in Kansas City her whole life and has never been to Westport. What the hell? Second of all, she's never been to any of the Keith Coldsnow's. Again, what the hell? And on a side note, what's the point of living in a city if you don't take advantage of the amenities?

Anyway, as we were driving through Westport, I was pointing out all the bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other landmarks that make that area of the city so damn awesome. And yes, a tear came to my eye as we drove past Jerusalem Cafe. Once we got to Keith Coldsnow and realized it was closed (as in closed, out of business, and had been closed since last April, and damn! I'm totally out of the loop!), I decided to call Aaron and ask him if he thought I should take the gamble and eat at Jerusalem Cafe. Of course, he initially said no; but decided if I was ready to eat out, then I should go ahead and try it (and take benadryl inside with me), especially since it has been my favorite restaurant for over ten years. Of course, it did help that Sarah has never, ever had Greek or Mediterranean food in all her life, and OH MY GODDESS, THE HORROR!

We got seated fairly quickly (rare on a Saturday afternoon), and I immediately told the waiter that I have Celiac Disease, and may I please have some gyro meat. Um, no. Both gyro and chicken gyro are made with breadcrumbs. Damn!

But he did say I could have the kabobs, so kabobs I did. I also ordered some hummus and asked for cut veggies instead of the pita bread. And after the best damn meal I didn't cook myself, I didn't even get sick. I really expected to get sick about two hours after eating (that's typically how long it takes me to get sick if gluten has sneaked into my food; I instantly breakout in a rash if I touch wheat. Allergies are fun), and I didn't get sick at all. Yay Jerusalem Cafe! I love you!

After leaving Jerusalem Cafe, I took Sarah down to Andre's to buy some chocolate. And Sarah got her and her family some desserts to share (and they make the best pastries ever; we love them so much, we ordered our wedding cake from them). But, alas, I am not allowed to have any pastries, but that's okay. They make kick-ass chocolate. And? Its gluten-free.

So after running a few more errands (and making it to the open Keith Coldsnow close to my house), I had a great day.

And to top off the weekend, I got to see the gay cowboy movie with my friend today.

I just don't know what to do with myself after acting and feeling like a normal person this weekend. I feel like a giddy little girl.


colorfool said...

Yahoo for you! Sounds like a fun day. I haven't seen a movie in a theater in 3 years! Your lunch sounded yummy. Hummus is my favorite summer lunch.

Hey-I have to get a mailing address for you. You could email me through FLICKR I think. We don't wanna go posted our addresses through blogs I guess. Can you send email through blogger? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

was the movie good? i wanted to see it. and you know, i've never had greek food either :(
i left a post for you on my blog.

Marshamlow said...

Whenever I get the chance to get away from being a mom, I feel liberated and so very wonderful. It is not that I don't love my job, we all just need to be carefree and without shackles every now and again. Yeah for you, and yeah on being able to eat out and not get sick. That is huge.

Alicia A. said...

No finds at Maj-r Thrift? No way!

I'm loving the positive atiitude your posts have had lately. Keep it up, sister. YOU ARE NORMAL. You just have an allergy.

Didn't you LOVE the movie?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss the Greek food with you. Nothing good up here in Wisconsin. I also miss exploring my artistic side. I have been painting lately, by the way. I forgot to share that with you.
I wish I could come to KC sooner than May. I need to see Westport again. Oh, how I miss the bigger city.

Miss you lots Capello!

Your, Wisconsin Best Friend