Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Must See TV

A few fifth graders made a remake of "Lazy Sunday" (and I've been unable to find a legal version of the original on the net to link). Go see their awesome remake. They did an outstanding job remaking it -- nearly all the sets are exactly the same.

I could only hope that my boys will grow up to be that cool.

Also, in case you missed Natalie Portman's hilarious kick-ass rapping, you can go see it here.


Kim said...

What's Lazy Sunday, and why is it illegal?

capello said...

Lazy Sunday is a SNL digital short, but they've pulled it from the NBC website and claim that no one else can show it. It is hilarious -- and the fifth graders remade it pretty closely.

colorfool said...

Ha HA! My husband and I just watched the two videos. So freakin' funny. He's still singing "The chronic what" bit. I am impressed with Natalie, especially since I just watched her on Sesame Street. Hey...that's just wrong isn't it?

capello said...

Did you notice that when she was on Sesame Street her voice was totally hoarse, but her singing was fine?

I bet she threw it down with Fiddy Cent after she did the voice recordings, but before the live taping.

And how trusting is Allen to let her run the store after their first meeting? And how irresponsible is it of him to not hire someone before booking his trip?

colorfool said...

Ah Capello. I was like ALLEN who? Then it clicked. Sesame street. Duh. Funny gal. So do you think Natalie could make a better birdseed milkshake or baby bear's porridge?

I remember thinking she sounded horse on S.S. too. I figured it was a cold. Your thoughts are funnier.