Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good Day, Sunshine

Yesterday, I took the boys to the backyard to play... and it looks like spring is on its way!

I know, its a rather pathetic hyacinth. Damn those rabbits! At least they don't like...

My beautiful naturalized daffodils.

And I'm not sure if this is forsythia or not. Anyone? Anyone?

Yes, it has the colors and pattern and blooms at the same time, but the flower buds are totally different. I've looked around at garden centers and can't find anything like this bush.

Ahh.. two boys playing nicely in sandbox so I can tackle this...

The triangle before and...

... the triangle after. That's much better. Doncha think?

(And don't think for one second I got all that done yesterday. Hell no. That took a long-ass time.)


tasha said...

wow, i wish those would grow here. i'm so jealous. hey, how's your washing machine holding up? was doing laundry tonight and thought of you!

capello said...

Aaron left for a business trip on Monday morning and said not to use it, because it is really NOT functioning anymore.

Of course, I'm using it anyway -- hello, dirty children and mounds of laundry!

We're gonna buy a new set as soon as Aaron gets home, which will either be Saturday or Tuesday.

And I'm just hoping my washer's motor doesn't blow out before then. Actually, I hope it doesn't blow out before the new one is delivered and installed.

I know, I know. I'm dreamin' big.

beki said...

Lovely flower photos! I have no idea what that blooming tree is, but I don't think it's forsythia. It is pretty though.

colorfool said...

The flowers are looking pretty! I only have a few crocus coming up so far. I'd have thought that was forsynthia too! hmmm.
I'm sending your package tomorrow. Well, the hubby said he would anyway. 8-)

colorfool said...

Typepad is $5. a month last time I checked. And hey, quite your hating and go post a quick craft already, geez...and link it to your blog (of course).AND it's a bout dang gone time you posted some pictures of your cute babies. 8-)