Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Can't Go for That (No, No) No Can Do


Aaron was just home for 20 minutes -- long enough to throw some shit in a suitcase and leave for the Pocono's. Damn business trips. Damn! Damn!

And there goes my big plans for the evening -- soaking in a hot bath and shaving two months of hair growth off my legs.


colorfool said...

Ha ha to your title!
Dude! What does your husband do? He ain't ever around is he? I couldn't go for that either!

laura capello said...

He's an electrical engineer, and he travels too much! Sometimes his trips are schedualed, sometimes they are emergencies.

I could handle if it he liked, but he doesn't; which makes the situation doubly worse.

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Hope the kids are feeling better, at least. My husband isn't around either, but at least we got more notice than that! (My jealousy over his trip to LA was tempered a little bit when he described the very long dinner he had to share with a fundamentalist client. Not as bad as my experiences with the kids and the dog, but at least he's suffering.)

Kim said...

Only two months of growth on your legs? I stop weeding at Labor Day!