Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weighed Down with Words too Over-Dramatic

Target failed me today.




They were completely sold out of New Moon.




So I had to suffer until I got to a bookstore. Where I also purchased Toni Morrison's new book to balance out my reading karma.


I'll get to it as soon as I'm done with New Moon.


Maybe after I get down with the whole series.

Yeah, that sound better.

Speaking of the whole series, ahem, did you know that Stephanie Meyer published on the interweb her 12 chapters of Midnight Sun after it was "leaked." So, like, you can go read that right now.

Not that that's what I'm doing or anything.


Me and Him said...

Of course you aren't.

And my library doesn't have the Twilight books. In fact it doesn't have anything that was pulblished in the lasy 2 years.

MichelleB said...

Damn Target. Toni Morrison has a new book? How sad is it that I don't know that.

j.me said...

ack! i [somewhat shamefully] adore that series, and have now spent the past 40 minutes reading and reading and reading.

if what i've heard is correct(since i'm too lazy to google it), stephanie meyer was so freaking petulant about that whole thing. ...but i'm glad she got over it. : )

jac said...

It's too late. You're doomed. I got sucked into this series a few weeks ago and it took me DAYS to shake free of it. Oh the humanity. (or vampiranity maybe?)

Anonymous said...

Ok I think the real tragedy here is that your feel let down by the wonderful Target! Target is often my happy place. And I think the truly cool thing about the the Twilight series is that it shows there are authors out there who take the interest of young adults seriously and write well for them. These authors will be partially responsible for a whole new group of readers-you should feel proud for supporting them! And I am all for the vampire love! Since "Buffy" I just can't get enough.

Anonymous said...

Borders is having a Twilight party on Sat. and I will be going my daughter but I will be thinking of you, of course.

I have the dang book on my nightstand. I need to read it with all the Twilight love going around.

Anonymous said...

oh Toni Morrison's latest is VERY good.


Anonymous said...

Stephanie Meyer is amazing. Once you've finished the Twilight series, try The Host. It is all kinds of brilliant. Although, it doesn't have Jacob Black in it... hehe

Enjoy being imprinted on twilight, it's a great world to lose yourself in :)