Friday, November 14, 2008

And it Never Feels Out of Place

Two kids, home sick all day.

Multiple times a day:

"Go lie down."

"Go lie down."

"Go lie down!"

"Go. Lie. Down."

"Go lie down."


"Go lie down, NOW."

Did you know The Magic School Bus is a tv show as well? I did not know that. Idiot me, I thought it was a series of books.

(Edward! You're weak for leaving!)

So The Magic School Bus progressed into a science show about dinosaurs. Which led into a show above a talking dinosaur with human friends and WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Are those writers from Kansas? Suspend reality my ass.

And then, AND THEN, there's a commercial advertising buying an Arabian horse. Because, when you're in the market to buy a horse, make sure it's Arabian. Seriously? Who the fuck would be in the market of buying a horse would also be watching television in the middle of the day? Someone needs to fire a media buyer.

I think the boys' sickie germs are affecting my brain.


misschris said...

Er, Dragontales? That show is delightful.

Hubs and I often wonder what the pitch meetings must sound like for some of these shows.

misschris said...

*ahem* you know I'm kidding about the delightful part, right? Cuz, Seriously.

Dana said...

Magic School Bus rocks!

And, how is your quilt coming along. I haven't seen any posts in awhile.

sltbee69 said...

I happened to enjoy Dragon Tales when my girl was that age. :-) Sounds like momma needs a break. ((HUGS))

MichelleB said...

My kids loved Magic School Bus. I don't think they watched Dragontales much. But seriously, there are days I would go back to that. Because watching those reality shows like the Hills, and that one with that poor plastic surgery freak Bruce Jenner - now that's frightening.

Anonymous said...

mmm, Jacob is actually kinda hot too. I'm just sayin.'

Sorry to hear about the illnesses. There's been so much coughing, sneezing, and barfing around here that I feel as if it's already winter.

Ali said...

I wanna pony, I wanna pony, I wanna pony. Oh and it HAS to be Ararbian.

And my new mantra, if you're well enough to get up off the sofa, you're well enough to go to school. Sick kids have messed with my brain. Aaaaaargh.

Katya said...

I can't take Magic Schoolbus... but my kids got me addicted to Saddle Club... so go figure. Now why don't they advertise Arabians during Saddle Club?!

Liz said...

We love Magic School Bus. The science content is quite good!

amy h said...

No doubt he's weak for leaving! But stop it with the spoilers. I might not have gotten that far let. I'm in the middle of "New Moon" right now. Gotta get back to it while the girls are still napping...