Friday, February 01, 2008

Listen to the Wind Blow

I am so over winter.

I'm tired of being stuck in the house. I'm tired of feeling tired (mommies should get naps). I'm tired of the wheezing woosh of the winter wind whipping (damn, that's some fine onamonapia right there) around my old house.

While were at it, other things I'm tired of:

a broken oven (we've been here eight years [the oven is well over 25 years old] and it's always had issues but now, now, when you set it to 350 it will either heat up to 225 or 435)

college leftover bedroom furniture (including a 30 year old mattress; I try not focus on that much)

cold, hard soil

husbands working weekends

road salt on my shoes

screaming, banshee children running around the house because they can't go outside

starbucks costing over five dollars for a latte (which is why I don't get them anymore, hmph)

a broken ice maker (thanks, aaron) in a refrigerator that spoils uncooked meats in two days

carpets on hardwood floors

caves (::cough, cough:: Aaron ::cough, cough::)

messy basements

incompetent digital cameras

explaining to a three year old that no, we can not go swimming today

waking up to a 52 degree bedroom (no, I'm not shitting you)

Things that aren't so bad:

homemade ice coffees with lego-shaped ice cubes

a well stocked pantry

pixar dvds

the internets

quilts + comforters

fuzzy purple socks

gluten-free chocolate cinnamon bread

trips to the craft store for valentine supplies

old furniture (and pianos, despite what the piano man says)

the hum of the sewing machine

husbands working to take care of the family

two non-broken feet



Anonymous said...

I hear ya. We're so ready for summer. The kids are crazy, the dog's crazy, I'm crazy. (I'm not even mentioning the husband, since we all know how crazy he is.) We're in desperate need of some outside suntime.

Anonymous said...

52 degrees is not a nice way to wake up. I have a hard enough time pulling back the covers at 67... brrr! Better sleep with those purple socks ON.

But I *love* your ice cubes. Awesome! XO

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You need a new stove! You are so talented in the kitchen! We found ours at a yard sale and it was almost brand new. I hope you get a new one soon!
I love, love, love the Lego ice cubes!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Did you make the chocolate cinnamon bread? I would love that recipe!
I dream about your cupcakes! You should have a bakery!

Unknown said...

We just stopped using our 30-year-old mattress a couple years ago. A new mattress was our first grown-up purchase in our house.

$5 for a latte? You must get the large (er, whatever Starbucks calls a large). My mom just gave me her espresso machine. Let me get good at it, and you can come over for a free latte made with Shatto milk. I just tried the thing, and I didn't get ANY crema in the espresso. I'm not good at it yet. It doesn't taste too bad though.

Jodi Ohl said...

One of my top wishes right now is for a mattress top-I can barely get out of bed on mine. It's hard to run after banshee kids if you look like a hunchback for 3 hours after getting up!

Your chilled coffee looks delish!

Jodi Ohl said...

...oops--mattress, "too" not top. LOL

k said...

starbucks costing over five dollars for a latte

There might be an interesting story behind that. Apparently Starbuck's long-running business strategy of driving out all competition with cannibalistic market saturation has backfired, and now their omnipresence has made their brand seem less like a fashionable cafe than a MacDonalds for coffee (BBC article here).

Perhaps they want to recapture their luxury image by making their coffees Vengen good? Here in the Czech Republic, a new Starbuck's just opened up in the swanky Malá Strana area, and the coffees are reportedly over 100 korun each; that's the price you'd expect to pay for a decent-sized lunch and a beverage. Hilariously, it isn't tourists but the Czechs that seem to frequent it the most. I guess they're still a bit naive about that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

are you on a downer after your lego-trip high the other day? xx

LJ said...

I was just telling myself yesterday how June seems so freaking far away. I'll settle for April,,,half way there!! We got another foot of snow last night. Will it ever end????Hang in there!Love the coffee with lego ice! Too cute!! (was at the electronics store yesterday looking for new video games for me and the boy...saw Lego pit stop or something like that had to laugh because I thought of you and your Lego obsession. Lego in animation are just so cute!! I've been tempted to get the Star Wars Lego battle thingy, just because it's funny and silly!)

atet said...

I'm with you on the so over winter thing. I need some spring. I need to be able to take my daughter outside so she can run and I'm not yelling at her to stop doing things she's only doing because she's sick of being cooped up. UGH. But those ice cubes are way cool.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention I used to manage a Starbucks in Houston? Did I mention I have an espresso machine in my kitchen? Did I mention I can pretty much make whatever you want?

Sure you still want playdate over at your house next week?

vintagechica said...

Ice leggos! Choc. cinnamon bread! At least there are a few positives. And Im with Tracey you need a new stove!!!

Anonymous said...

When you said 52 degrees, my initial reaction was "Geeze! That's boiling hot!"

Then it kicked in.... you're not talking Celcius. So I googled. 11.1111111111 degrees celcius. (Just so you know...)

gwendomama said...

don't they have craigslist in KC? get yourself some new (used) shiny appliances, woman!

LLA said...

at least the two lists are close in length, and the sucky stuff doesn't outnumber the non-sucky stuff by two-to-one or something horrific like that...


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I want the sunshine....
Hey love the lego people!!!

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

awww, look at you turning all sweet.
you're on my good things list too.

Anonymous said...

I want gluten-free chocolate cinnamon make? and share? :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. all the sunshine is over here, I'll gladly share it. phoenix, az.

Anonymous said...

...always looking at the bright side of life...

(Monty Python?)

k said...

love the new lego people!
yep, i'm local. i maybe found you thru amy h?
what was up with that ominous thunder & sleet this morning?! i was over that before it started!

Anonymous said...

Have you been to the Matt Ross Community Center in OP (83rdish and Metcalf). We've not gone yet but it looks like good indoor swimming fun.

Chickenbells said...

Yup...snowing today here...slushy and frozen...makes me want to sit on ye ole butt all day long. Oh wait...that's what I've been doing.

Girl, you need some new appliances...surely there's a place there that sells used ones? I've bought from places like that, and have had wonderful luck...I also bought an oven from 1950-ish that I adore...and it looks darned cute in the kitchen!

I am loving the Lego ice cubes...and, the surley Lego pirate in your header!!

Amanda Jean said...

of course your iced coffee has lego shaped ice cubes in it. it's the little things, right?

I am so over winter, too. it's gonna be a long few months until spring.